Aviation Toleration

By Vy Nguyen 

A short and sweet discussion about traveling by plane and all that comes with it.

I have always liked flying.

I genuinely have, and maybe still do. There is just something so surreal about catching a midnight flight and starting your day fresh and right with a rocketing skip into the sky. That rollercoaster gasp when the plane takes up and lands, the tiny little gift airlines give to anyone younger than a teenager (I still receive them because my uncultured brother does not know a thing about most 2000s shows), the leaping in the stomach when the plane is on turbulent mode, the hit-or-miss food…

Anyway, the more frequently you do something, the sooner will you get bored of it. Well, I do! Now that I have to fly at least five times a year, the excitement becomes as small as my ego and so easy to break like a china doll.

First observation: I do not feel fine on the plane. I do not sleep while flying so really, there is nothing for me to do that does not require brain power. Since I am the chief of Making-a-Bad-Decision®️, it is inevitable that I excel at excessive movie binges and reading crappy books. The side effect of this perfection is an x-hour throbbing headache.

Second observation: I am somewhat claustrophobic so being squeezed in an approximately twenty-feet square for more than four hours feels like is a nightmare coming true. The legroom is always tiny and my muscles are rags after two hours.

On another note, like a small population of the world, I do not have a soft spot for window seats (again, I never sleep). The feeling of being a burden scares me so I always prefer my supreme aisle seat that guarantees prime access to the bathroom.

Third observation: As I mentioned above, I always encounter the worst materials to occupy myself during a flight. However, I partly blame my boredom on the terrible in-flight entertainment options available. Or maybe I just have a highly selective (awful) taste.

Still, I recommend all typical corny cheesy rom-coms filmed from 2012 to be sold to airlines and be airline-exclusive because believe me, every movie is better on air.

Fourth observation: The food. Life is hard up there for non-meat eaters. Also, tomato juice tastes strangely 1000 times better but again, ⅓ of your taste buds are numbed in higher latitude so no surprise.

Fifth observation: Lines. Lines for anything! Lines for the bathroom, lines to check in, lines for assistance (especially when there are delays, which we will get into soon), lines at customs, et cetera.

Sixth observation: Delay. Oh boy, delays! This six-letter three-syllable word never ceases to infuriate me. Especially when I have traveled for more than sixteen hours and only want an actual bed, delays are a curse and will always be. r/thathappened: one time, my two-hour line at SFO customs caused me to miss my connecting flight, but I managed to schedule another one two hours later. However, when the time came, the plane that was supposed to transport me was stuck in airport traffic and did not have a gate to board. When it finally found one, we realized the pilot was in Las Vegas and would not be at SFO for another three hours. It do be like that sometimes.

Seventh observation: I do not mind the turbulence because I like to live life like that. This is also why I do not mind last row seats except for the fact that it takes forever to get there.

In conclusion, flying is rough. It is also the closest us ordinary human beings can get to actually flying and not being frozen or suffocated till death. It is probably my closest to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily lives in the knowledge that if I am taken down on an airplane, we are all going down. There are two sides to everything, and I embrace the flip of flying with my hands up in the air.