OES Men’s Lacrosse Alumni Game

By Max Fitzloff

Every year, current and former OES lacrosse players meet up for the always enjoyable Alumni Game.

This past Saturday evening, the annual men’s lacrosse alumni game took place. This was the second alumni Around 10-12 current players showed up and a similar amount of alumnus. Everyone came prepared for some competitive full field ball under the lights, but with the current OES goalie sick and only one alumni goalie Jack Schlendorf showing up, the captains settled on playing 6 vs. 6 half field. The rules were simple: If the defense got to turnover and clear the ball their offensive unit would go onto the field and the other team’s defense would come on the field.

The lacrosse was good and overall, the players enjoyed the competition. I liked playing with the guys who I played under and looked up to the past few years and watching the impressive college players about to start their spring season. I would say the best 1 vs 1 battle of the game goes to current defender John Fitzhenry taking on current Sacred Heart middie Trevor Johnson. The two went back in forth the whole game with Trevor scoring a few and John shutting him down.

I hope for this tradition to continue because of its value for the current roster to learn from the men that led the program before them.


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