Finals Advice from Fifth Graders

By Amrita Jhooty

As the fifth grade finishes preparing for their class plays and we begin studying for finals, it’s safe to say that the OES community is feeling pretty stressed. So, I decided to ask a few fifth graders for finals advice and how they cope with feeling worn out.

“I like to remember that it’s not really that important most of the time, but when it is really important, I don’t know what to do.”

“When we are doing our play, and one tiny bit or a little something goes wrong, the world won’t end I guess. Just keep moving forward, and yeah just have a good mindset.”

“When I’m doing my homework, and I get stressed or bored, I have to take a break, so every single hour I go and eat and dance to my favorite song.”

“If you think you can’t do it, you’re probably right, so at least have a positive mindset about it.”

“I like to jog.”

“What I like to do when I am stressed out is to sit down and take a moment to breathe and be mindful and just focus on what thing you are doing. And then go back to it if you have an idea or something.”

“I like to eat a lot when I am stressed, or play with my dog or something.”

“Our teacher, she told us that if we are having trouble, we had ERB’s which are kind of like finals but it’s way easier, you can use some strategies like tracing your fingers. It sometimes helps you calm down.”

“When you work, try to be focused and don’t pay attention to anything else.”

“I like to play Spider-man outside.”

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