The Government Shutdown’s influence on OES

By Max Fitzloff

Could the current government shutdown affect the upcoming Winterim trips?

The U.S. government is approaching its 4th week of being partially shut down. The shut down has impacted US citizens in a variety of ways. For example, the US Coast Guard and TSA agents are working without pay and the national park and forest system hasn’t gotten maintenance in weeks.

While it seems that the shut down will persist indefinitely, it’s highly unlikely it will make it all the way to March when the OES Winterim groups embark on their trips. If it were last until then, many of the domestic trips will be heavily affected. The backpacking trip to Utah and the cross country skiing trip both go through national forests and parks. Currently, these parks aren’t being maintained and are a slight concern for Winterim committee head Tna Meyerhof.

As I said previously it’s not likely the shut down will make it until Winterim, but if it were to, the domestic trips will be looking a little different than planned. Stay tuned for more updates on the government shutdown and its effects on OES.


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