A – Gen-Z: Today’s Vernacular (Podcast)

by Maddy Reynolds

aye! wuts good fam? Are you a teacher, parent, or anyone born before 1997? If so, do you often have trouble understanding the way kids these days talk? If your answer was yes to both of those questions, this podcast is for you.

real talk, tho. If the answer is no, this podcast is still for you, especially if you are born after 1997 and before 2010 because that makes you a Gen Z member. ok queen, it’s no secret that Gen Z kids, live, breath, and likely will die on social media. Therefore, it is no surprise that social media is impacting Gen Z language. However, one platform is having an exponential impact: Twitter.

Shout out to VRN for making the music for this podcast, find him on Soundcloud.

Find the link here.