A Quick Overview of “Outer Peace” and Toro y Moi’s Other Projects

 By Trevor Jones

Producer Chaz Bundick (AKA Toro y Moi) continues to solidify his dominance in the indie scene with LP #6, Outer Peace.

I’ve been listening to Toro y Moi for quite some time now, and with each album, he reveals a new layer of his musical ability. Toro has been around for almost a decade now; his first album Causers of This came out in 2010. It’s washed out, synthy vibe remains one of the best chillwave albums to date. “Blessa” and “Talamak” are two of my favorites. If you aren’t familiar with the genre, just listen to the theme of Portlandia.  Toro y Moi’s versatility in production why I love his music so much. On his follow up project, Underneath the Pine (2011), funk and acoustic sounds dominate its aesthetic. I still listen to the groovy hits “New Beat” and “Still Sound” all the time.

Toro’s latest effort, Outer Peace, clocks in at 30 minutes with just 10 tracks. However, its brevity isn’t a bad thing at all. It feels much longer as most of the production is full of catchy synths, fast-paced percussion, and pitched vocal that’ll make your foot tap. On top of that, filler tracks are at a minimum; the project feels more focused. Unlike some of his other albums, Outer Peace is a showcase of how talented a producer Toro is in that he concentrates on sound rather than lyricism. You can also hear influences from previous projects beautifully intertwined together. On “Freelance”, the bassline reminds me of something off of Underneath the Pine, while a much slower paced “50-50” could easily be a B-side from Causers of This. The subtle diversity of Outer Peace makes it one of my favorite Toro y Moi albums and I know that he will continue to evolve in the forthcoming years.


Check out the interesting music video for “Freelance”