Senior Theme Ideas for the Class of 2020

by Annie Watson

We know how it works. You take whichever letters look most like the last two numbers of the graduation year. You choose a meaningful word or phrase that incorporates that letter pairing. Dream B16, Olympia17s, Good V18ES, B19 Moves. “But what’s next?”, you may have asked. 1 d0n’7 kn0w, 8u7 1 h4v3 50m3 5u9935710n5…

The closest letters to 20 are “ZO”, so the class is slightly disadvantaged by the rarity of the letter Z, but I think we’ve still got some winners. Here, first, are the honorable mentions:

  • “CAL20NES”
  • 20OLANDER (2001)

Though these stellar ideas seem too good to be stuck on an honorable mentions list, useable senior theme options must be “relevant”, “meaningful”, and “not the name of a different high school”. To remedy this, I’ve paired each viable option with the OES Essential Competency it best represents.

Theme Idea Essential Competency Notes
BEN20FURAN I nurture my imagination. A fun alternative to throwing candy at the senior entrance, and no more uveitis from flying lollipop sticks 👍
“KA20O KID TRAP REMIX” I develop my understanding of the sacred. I think it’s safe to say this contemporary hymn has brought us all closer to God.
“TRAPE20IDS” I master the disciplines and skills of learning. I don’t know about you, but I, personally, would have no idea what a trapezoid was if it weren’t for OES first grade teacher, Doug Whitmore.
TED CRUZ IS THE 20DIAC KILLER I think critically.

Documented proof:


THE M9A1 ROCKET LAUNCHER “BA20OKA I adapt to a changing world. Here at OES, we value safety, and use whatever means possible to get to PE.

Leave a comment if you’ve got a 2020 senior theme idea or advocate one of the above!


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