A Few Changes Made to Midwinter Madness

By Amrita Jhooty

This year, the Midwinter Madness committee made several modifications to their activities and schedule. Here is a list of a few changes they made this year…

1. Picking the Beneficiary

This year, the Midwinter Madness committee modified their method of choosing a beneficiary. In past years, their search has always been guided by “budget, location, and how passionate and excited the student body would be.” They would narrow down potential beneficiaries to around ten and invite each one to come and talk to the committee. However, this year, they chose certain issues they wanted to focus on (including the environment, children, and homelessness) and chose beneficiaries that worked on these issues. Using this modified method, Midwinter Madness picked Friends of the Children.

2. The Payment Method

Another change the Midwinter Madness committee made was to the payment method. Last year the committee introduced punch cards, which allowed students to use twenty dollars on any midwinter madness activity. After receiving feedback on how to improve their new payment method, they decided to allow students to use their personal accounts after receiving permission from their parents. This change “opened an avenue for parents and students to talk about the beneficiary,” and also made the payment process easier for the students.

3. The Shirts

This year, the Midwinter Madness shirts were “designed to be cost-effective and minimalistic.” Because they weren’t decked out with drawings and animation, anyone who bought the shirt would be able to wear them more than once. An added benefit to the new minimalistic designs was that printing the shirts did not cost as much, so the committee was able to put more money towards the beneficiary.


With these new changes in place, the Midwinter Madness committee has not only made great contributions to Friends of the Children, but also focused on making Midwinter Madness a great experience for the OES community.

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