The Upcoming Athletic Center: A Project That Will Revolutionize OES’s Athletics Department

By Luke Morissette and Alex Slusher

OES recently announced a large fundraising effort to complete a new athletic center.


In the summer of 2016, OES finished the construction of the current lower school. The new building is an architectural masterpiece, being both functionally and aesthetically superior to the previous lower school. The lower school was a product of a school-wide capital campaign and is an example of the wonders the OES community can achieve as a whole.

As OES looked to its Campus Master Plan for the next improvements to the campus, the need to replace the current athletic center became apparent. The current athletic center is accessible from all parts of campus, however, its substandard interior no longer meets OES’s high standards for its facilities. The worn and outdated building, constructed in 1964, will soon be replaced.

The OES Board of Trustees authorized the full design and approved the funding phase of the building on January 15th. Despite an original budget projection of $20 million, Building Committee Head Dan Drinkward ‘95 teamed up with both the architect and the contractor of the future athletic center and lowered the cost to an impressive $16.5 million.

After such incredible success with the lower school, the OES business office and athletic department are trying to create a similar campus effect with the construction of a brand new athletic center. The renderings for the facility (located above) showcase a building that will change the entire profile of the OES campus. Although its primary purpose will be for athletics, the building will contain various community spaces where students can socialize or study.

The plan is to completely remodel the existing athletic center and also double the space through new construction. The new athletic center will feature space for three full basketball courts, giving OES athletic program substantially more space than previously allowed.  

The OES athletic facilities have been evolving over the last few years and now it seems as if the athletic center will be the final step in fully revolutionizing the OES Athletics department. The new space at Faris Hall gave OES students a taste of the future, which will be fulfilled with the completion of the athletic center. Look for more updates in the coming weeks!