Snowpocalypse? More Like Snowless Apocalypse!

By Luke Morissette

After two weeks now of unfulfilled promises of snow and missed school, I am now confident when I say, we have to give up on the Snow Days.

Two weeks ago while the snowpocalypse hype was at its largest, your average OES student could be found with their head down, refreshing their weather app, making sure there was still snow predicted for the next week. At that time the students and faculty of OES knew there would be snow. The only things people were worried about was how much was coming. Soon after weather reports began to describe the storm as dangerous, the Portland Spirit felt it necessary to redact their boat availability for the weekend, causing OES to reschedule Semi. Soon after this, Midwinter Madness committee was also forced to cancel Bubble Soccer that Friday, making what was supposed to be a fun activity-filled weekend for OES students just an average weekend.

Although the students were bummed about all the cancellations, they were all still very excited about their snow and upcoming nine-day weekend. Skepticism began to arise on the Thursday before the weekend when the weather report changed its tone, saying there would be rain on Monday and Tuesday, but still snow over the weekend and for the rest of the week after Tuesday. I spoke to Wylly Willmot, a freshman at OES, and asked her about how she felt during this sudden shift. Willmott said, “OES jinxed the snow days. They canceled everything way too early.”

The next day on Friday night, OES students around Portland found themselves constantly checking their windows, hoping they would soon see the white snow covering their backyards. This never came to be. The next morning, all that could be seen around the area was scraps of white along with heavy rain. Students immediately checked their weather apps and realized heavy snow had been pushed back all the way till the next week. Willmot mentioned that at this time she felt a sense of justification for her skepticism, “They jinxed it! I’ve been saying it all along. They canceled everything way too early and then we got left with no snow days.”

In the end, we haven’t seen any major snow since the reports started coming in two weeks ago. Although technically there are still some snow projections for Monday through Wednesday of next week, I personally will be taking that with a grain of salt and will prepare myself for an average rainy school day on this coming Monday.

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