A Basic Rundown of your Zodiac Sign + A Song From Billie Eilish’s “WHEN WE FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?” According to your Sign

By Ellie Riser

Everyone knows that zodiac signs are the one and only way to know who someone is and if you should accept them, so it’s time to make sure you’re properly educated on your own.

Aries March 20-April 20: all the good girls go to hell

Aries, arguing is like second nature to you, along with swearing being your second language. To others you may come off as “always on one”, very argumentative, maybe even really really really mean, but in reality, you don’t argue to make people feel bad, you argue because it’s fun.


Taurus April 20-May 21: goodbye

Taurus, you’re stubborn, very driven, and have a deep connection with food. You choose your close friends wisely and are some of the most loyal friends, at least to the ones you choose. Although you aren’t confrontational, if someone says or does something that goes against your core values you may never view them the same. But you are very very very good at hiding it.


Gemini May 21-June 21: i love you

Geminis tend to lack any idea of volume control. You are lively and have many interests. You are the type of person to spout facts about very outlandish things and always seem to have a joke at the ready. People see you as loud, witty, and probably annoying. You have a hard time coming to conclusions and making important decisions.


Cancer June 21- July 21: 8

Cancer, you are a person deeply rooted in your friends and family. Your emotional side is a little stronger than others and may come out in very frequent breakdowns. You soak up the vibe of a room very quickly. You’re mostly seen to others as very sweet and caring but little do they know you can also be very manipulative and clingy.


Leo July 21-August 23: you should see me in a crown

Every season is Leo season, and Leo season is flexing season. You are the life of the party, king of the jungle, and maybe a little narcissistic. As per request, Wylly Willmott is a fantastic example of this eccentric personality. They thrive in the spotlight and do what they need to do so that they get there. They are very good at the crafts they choose and work hard to be the best at them.  


Virgo August 23 – September 23: xanny

You’re often a person people go to for help on big assignments and you are a great study partner. You may seem boring on the outside, but your closest friends and family know that you can get pretty wild. You don’t hold back when someone does something wrong. People see you as a hard worker and maybe even a know it all.


Libra September 23 – October 23: when the party’s over

You are probably the most approachable sign and really like being around people. You value people’s opinion of you and will go to great lengths to make sure most, if not all, people like you. Some people might see you as fake because you value others’ opinions so much that you act differently between different friend groups, but most view you as funny, sweet and likable.


Scorpio October 23 – November 22: ilomilo

The most notorious Scorpio is the cold-hearted crazy one. Although you get a bad rep because a bunch of serial killers are Scorpios, it’s really just your tough exterior that people can’t seem to break down. Being one of the most intense and guarded signs allows you to have many layers. Most people are scared of, or at least intimidated by you.


Sagittarius November 22 – December 22: bad guy

Oh Sagittarius, you are like a Gemini-Aries hybrid. Usually very driven, opinionated, loud, and wild. You make for a very adventurous friend. Although you can party, you don’t really have to go anywhere because you are the party. You’re known for your free spirit and ability to try new things.


Capricorn December 22 – January 20: listen before i go

Capricorn, you’re very goal oriented and can be extremely pessimistic. Your sense of humor is one of the darkest and one of the most underrated. Although you like to mostly keep to yourself, you’re very good at analyzing the people around you. You did the whole “emo” thing before and will probably do it after it’s cool. People view you as someone who has their life really put together.


Aquarius January 20 – February 18: my strange addiction

Aquarius, being weird has never been a bad thing to you. You can talk and talk and talk about the most interesting things. You like to meet and connect with new people on a daily basis. You’re not really worried about fitting in, in fact for most Aquarius’, it’s more of the opposite. People see you as funny and intelligent.  


Pisces February 18 – March 20: wish you were gay

Pisces, you are, in my opinion, a very underrated sign. You are funny, sympathetic and maybe a little “off in the head” but do a great job at keeping it together. Besides Cancer, you are one of the most emotional signs. Expressing your emotions is something you are very good at, as it should be considering you do it to shamelessly all the time. People view you as sensitive and very sweet.