The Best Children’s TV Shows

By Julia Neumann

Here are my personal top 5 children’s shows that I recommend if you ever find yourself looking for a new or fun series to watch!

Sometimes we all need to take a break from our busy schedules with sports, academics, and other extracurriculars or obligations that fill up our time. Below I have listed some great children’s shows that are fantastic when you want a little pause in your day and are looking to watch something fun.


“Peppa Pig”

This is a British cartoon about a young and sassy pig called Peppa, who lives with her mother, father, and little brother George. Every episode, the family embarks on a series of adventures around their town or even their house. Sometimes, the show focuses on the other characters, such as Rebecca Rabbit (Peppa’s best friend) or Danny Dog (one of Peppa’s classmates). Overall, it is a very positive and often quite funny cartoon that is great for all kids. “Peppa Pig” also has a lot of strong role models for young children. The show promotes some great messages and has a lot of learning opportunities for the viewers.


“Pingu” is a claymation show starring a young penguin who lives with his family inside an igloo. He speaks using “Pinguish” which is a language consisting of noises such as “noot noot”, but the plot can be understood through the context and dramatic facial expressions and body language of the characters. The episodes generally follow his day to day life, which could be anything from sledding the nearby snowy hills or getting the mail with his dad. This show, while aimed towards younger kids, can be funny and interesting for all ages to watch!

“Bear in the Big Blue House”

“Bear in the Big Blue House” features a collection of various animal puppets, including a large & loveable Bear. The characters all sing, work around the house, and play or mess around together. The audience of this show is especially focused more towards younger kids, as often times the animals will speak directly with the viewer and discuss lessons the animals learned throughout the episode. “Bear in the Big Blue House” can also be very educational for the viewers to learn about friendship. Overall, it is a great show with fun puppet animals who love to sing!

The Magic School Bus

  1. You have most likely heard of this show or have even watched it in your science classes over the years. It focuses on an elementary school class that travels around their town in a magical school bus with their crazy teacher, Ms. Frizzle. The bus they travel in has the ability to change size, color, and shape in order for the children to learn about whatever their class is focusing on at the time. Each episode is not only entertaining, but it is also very educational. The students go on a crazy and magical adventure, sometimes into the ocean to learn about animals or even inside other people to learn about how the human body works! Overall, “The Magic School Bus” is an informative show where the viewer can often learn a lot about different scientific concepts.

“The Clangers”

“The Clangers” is another British TV show which follows a group of mouse/armadillo-like animals that live on a planet similar to the moon. They all communicate with whistle noises and solely eat green soup. Additionally, there is a narrator who explains what the characters are doing and their emotions. Each episode usually follows the breed of animals living their lives and going about activities on their little planet. “The Clangers” is a fun and happy show that is often funny and a great watch.


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