A Look Into the Upper School’s Video Project for New Students

By Kennin Martin

When you first came to OES, especially the Upper School, things were probably very confusing. The only way that you could get information about schedules was from students or teachers, because, let’s be real, no one was paying attention in Aardvark 101.

This year, Actor’s Studio has taken the task of making orientation videos for the new Upper School students.As part of a mandatory school assignment, the students, including myself, were tasked with making introductions to the many different parts of the school that might not be obvious at first glance. Some of the videos were about:

  • The block schedule and how it works
  • Where your classes are/different buildings
  • What SPARC is for
  • The purpose of gathering

The purpose of these videos was to communicate the idea of each of these parts of OES quickly and humorously. These videos are still in the drafts, but once they are completed, they might be used for years to come.

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