The Girls Varsity Tennis Team

By Amrita Jhooty

With the Girls Varsity tennis team well into the season, I thought I would write about some of the new additions to the team.

 This year, an astounding eight players have joined varsity for the first time. While some of the new members are well-seasoned players, having played tennis for over five years, others have never even held a racket before.

Sonia Shenoy ‘22, who plays one singles, is finally back on the court after suffering stress fractures in her back in spring of last year. Despite her injury, which has left her “feeling rusty,” Sonia’s extensive experience with tennis has shown and she has been off to an incredible start for the season. Another talented addition to this team is freshman Nicole Anderson ‘22 who plays two singles. Similar to Sonia, Nicole has been playing tennis for close to six years and possesses great athleticism and skill in the sport.

In addition, the Girls Varsity tennis team has a handful of new members joining the team from JV. Last year, Marlie Giles ‘21 and Maya Milne ‘21 picked up a tennis racket for the first time when the started playing for JV. Towards the end of the season, they were already swinging up for multiple varsity matches. Additionally, Vasti Cruz ‘20 officially joined the team for the first time after playing for JV since her freshman year.

This year, Lauren Han ‘21 and Grace Borbon 21’  joined the team with no prior tennis experience. So far, Han thinks that the “season is going really well for the number of seasoned players that we have.” Despite the varying skill levels of the team, everyone believes that the future is looking bright for the young team…So come out and support the Girls Varsity Tennis Team!

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