A Profile on Steve Lacy In Light of an Upcoming Album

By Trevor Jones

Ever since he was nominated for a Grammy at 18, Steve Lacy has been making a name for himself in various circles of music.

Steve Lacy was first discovered while he participated in his high school jazz band. Jameel Bruner, a former member of the R&B band, The Internet, was impressed with Steve’s ability on the guitar and bass. The prodigy consequently signed on with the group and made immediate contributions on their 3rd album, Ego Death. Lacy seemed to have made brought The Internet into the limelight as the album was nominated for Best Urban Contemporary Album.

In early 2017, Lacy released a 6 song demo titled, Steve Lacy’s Demo, and what made it special was that it was recorded and produced entirely on an iPhone. Watch this video if you want to get a better look into his process. Later on in the year, he produced “PRIDE.” off of Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN, and that bolstered his solo career. The demo project got more traction and he continued to produce tracks for prominent artists (“Silkk da Shocka” – Isaiah Rashad, “Some Girl” – GoldLink).

Lacy’s 2018 saw much of the same attention he was getting used to. He produced the entirety of Ravyn Lenae’s EP, Crush and was responsible for the catchy hit  “Just a Stranger” off of Kali Uchis’ Isolation. Later on in the year, Lacy announced that The Internet was returning from their break with Hive Mind. On this record, Steve got the attention he deserved as he became the band’s secondary vocalist behind Syd. “Beat Goes on” and “La Di Da” are two of the album’s highlights.

A few weeks ago Lacy told fans via Instagram that his debut album was coming (**5/24/19**) and released “N Side” to build the hype. Since discovering him, the 21-year guitarist/bassist has developed his signature sound and I’m confident that his first full-length project will demonstrate his talents.


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