OES Tennis Program Battles for District Titles on Home Turf

By Andre Stendahl

Tennis districts turned out to a much different tournament this year, as it was held at the tennis courts of OES for the first time.

Many schools could not afford to pay their share for the renting of the Tualatin Hills courts that have been home to districts in the past. Thankfully, this didn’t turn out to be a problem as players found room to relax where they could when they weren’t playing.

While it was a tough year for the OES tennis program as a whole, there were some inspiring wins. OES Women’s #1 doubles won, an especially impressive feat considering both members of the team, Sonia Shenoy and Nicole Anderson, are both freshman.

The rest of the results were fairly grim. OES women’s singles put up a good fight, though there were no semi-finalists. OES men’s singles did not venture very far through the tournament, and for the most part, neither did men’s doubles. The #1 doubles team, Tod To and Shiloh Day, lost in the finals to Catlin’s #1 doubles team who had absolutely destroyed OES #3 doubles, Oliver Ulmer and Garrett Vassily.

Below are pictures of all four brackets.