Proposals for Community Events

by Wylly Willmott

I almost went to Catlin for this reason:

The day I shadowed they were playing an all school game, Assassin. While the game itself is super cool and I’d love to get it going again at OES, what I liked the most about it was that the entire school was having fun, and it wasn’t limited to just one friend group.

A lot of schools provide a great education, so what sets the best schools apart is the people and the culture. In my opinion, it’s things like Assassin that draw people to OES as a whole, not just to OES’ education.

When I think about my favorite memories from OES, the Mid-Winter Madness kickoff and the ping pong tournament come to mind. It’s events like those where everyone can participate and have fun while the stakes are low that build a more connected community.

As a kid who grew up going to summer camp where massive games of gold rush and capture the flag are the norm, I’ve always wanted there to be more ways for our whole upper school to unite over non academic related pursuits. The ping pong tournament embodied that concept, which is what made it so special. I was inspired to revive the concept of all school events after Olivia G and I brought up Assassin at lacrosse practice on Tuesday, which I later learned from Kara was stolen from OES by Catlin. Liv and I are working to make it happen again, but I also talked to a few students in the Great Hall to find out more cool ideas for community events.

I first spoke with Ryan M, Max F, and Rachel H. While Rachel insisted that chocolate wrestling would be fun, the boys were skeptical and focused their energy on setting the parameters for a mini hoops tournament; full court 3v3, and half court 2v2.

Ryan: “That would be lethal.”

Max: “One word. Lethality.”

Next I asked Abe H, who said that “it would be fun to organize a spikeball tournament. Or a hotdog eating competition.” Jack M volunteered “A school wide spelling bee… but in different languages,” while his brother Luke thought there should be an “actual” three point contest.

The majority of us also agreed that if the Blazers make it to game 7, it should be projected in the gym or outside on the field.

Here are some additional responses from the community:

Seamus O: “A beyblade tournament would be really fun UwU.”

Izzy P: “Turn off all the lights in the high school and play murder in the dark.”

Matt L: “All school flash mob. We should all hit the woah at the same time. everyday.”

Charles W: “Spin the wheel and take a random AP test.”

James L: “Community pong.”

Maddy R: “Shindig, but for back to school. With live music.”

Jillian S: “Open mic night.”

Patrick B: “OES Fight Club by weight.”

Sylvie B: “Capture the flag in the woods.”

Mack D: “Massive slip n slide.”

If you have any ideas you actually want to make happen, or are intrigued by any of the above, please come talk to me! And lookout for a gathering announcement regarding an all school game of Assassin soon…