An Update on the New Athletic Center Project

By Luke Morissette

OES’s Building Committee has stayed on schedule and is now working on construction documents.

The OES Athletic Center Project has continued to move in the right direction since our last article. They finalized the budget on May 14th and are now working on their construction documents.

These will be the legitimate plans for the construction of the building. Jon von Behren, OES’s Director of Facilities, told me, “These are the detailed working drawings that define the work to be constructed – literally down to which screw goes where.”

The OES Board of Trustees hopes to officially authorize construction in January of 2020, with work to begin in March or April. If all goes smoothly, the building will be finished just before the 2021-2022 school year begins.

Now it’s up to the Campaign Cabinet; for the Board to authorize construction, they need to raise their $16.5 million fundraising goal by 80% (an additional $13,200,000, $8.5 million has already been raised) by December 31, 2019. Over the next year, they will ask the whole OES community – parents, alumni, parents of alumni, students, employees) to participate. “It will take everyone pulling the rope together for us to reach such a lofty goal,” Director of Advancement Liz MacDonell told me. “Whether it’s $5 or $5 million, every gift is a gift to OES’s great future.”

Below are renderings of the building:

Gym Article 2_1

This is a rendering of the entrance to the building from an outside perspective. As you can see the Athletic Center will have a very similar aesthetic to the new Lower School: a very modern looking and very transparent building with windows along the entire frontside. In this rendering, the area in front of the gym is worth noting. This area is very open and has lots of spaces for people to sit, making it a great area for students to hang out or do homework outdoors when weather permits.

Gym Article 2_2

This rendering shows great improvement from our current trophy case (the men’s locker room shower). It also gives a good inside perspective of the Athletic Center outside of the gym. All of the windows throughout this rendering really speaks to the open vibe that I am expecting from the new building.

Gym Article 2_3

This rendering is an actual depiction of what the gym will look like during basketball games. A large improvement for this gym will be the bleachers. Now fans will be able to stand above the bleachers if they become too crowded when in the past fans would simply have to find somewhere in the gym they could stand. Another improvement this gym will have is the usage of natural light. The gym will be fully lit during the day because of the wall of windows behind the bleachers.

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