Girls Tennis Team Wins at State Championship

Viraj Shankar

Last week, OES freshmen Sonia Shenoy and Nicole Anderson pulled off quite an amazing feat.

The pair, with some help of Oregon’s Coach of the Year Coleen Davis, beat out 15 other competing teams to win the OSAA 3A Doubles Championship for 2019. Other schools that competed in the championships included Catlin Gabel and Marist Catholic, among many others.

Sonia and Nicole have brought new strength to the girls tennis team, as reflected by their amazing performance this year.

Sonia felt confident heading into the tournament. She told me, “We were seeded #1, so I knew we at least had a chance.” Nicole echoed this confidence too, saying that, “For the first two rounds of the tournament, I felt more confident than nervous, especially since it was our first year coming into the tournament, not knowing what the competition was like eased our nerves.”

Both noted, however, that while they were confident, there was an underlying tone of nervousness as well. Since they were seeded #1, there was some amount of pressure to win, especially as they moved through the tournament and into the finals.

Nevertheless, they both stayed steadfast and strong, and when it came down to the wire, they came out on top. Sonia said that her highlight of the tournament was hugging Nicole right after they had won state, while Nicole explained that her favorite moment was the final point of the tournament. She said that it felt like, “all the pressure on our shoulders had suddenly been released and it truly felt wonderful that we won state together.”

Sonia and Nicole are excited to return to the team next year and hope that they will able to bond with the team and see it grow over the next few years.

If you see either of them around, be sure to congratulate them on a season well played!