Stickers on Stickers on Stickers

By Julia Neumann and Emily Ackerman

On any day, when walking around the OES upper school, you may find some students working diligently on their laptops.

Typically, the outside of the laptop comes as a nice clean gray. However often times people will further decorate their computers with the addition of various stickers, either ordered online, found in a coffee shop, or picked up at some fundraiser. Generally, you can learn something about a person by just glancing at their computer case and the stickers it holds – maybe if they play tennis or are a fan of a certain artist. Going around the upper school on a typical Thursday morning, we captured some of the most “stickered up” laptop cases we could find around the Great Hall. The results are as follows (including one word each owner had to contribute to their artistic touch):





“Best Night Ever”













Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed seeing some of the OES laptops.




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