Patek Philippe’s Advanced Technology

By Andre Stendahl 

Watchmaking requires quite a bit of attention to detail and Patek Philippe most definitely embraces that.

The Patek Philippe Minute repeater tourbillon is an astonishing timepiece. It has a tourbillon and a minute repeater, two complications which are very rarely seen together in one single timepiece – Not to mention these two complications are probably the most complex and intricate complications a watch can have. They’re pretty expensive to make. The watch also has day, date and month complications, adding up to an extremely expensive watch. A minute repeater is basically when a new hour starts, a mechanism within the watch chimes numerous times to indicate the start of a new hour. In all watches, gravity hinders the movement, as gravitational pull gives some resistance to the second, minute, and hour mechanisms as they at any point move away from the earth, so the watch eventually begins to lose time. A tourbillon is mechanism that rotates a movement so that the movement is in all possible positions for an equal amount of time. Theoretically, this means that gravity will have an equal effect on all parts of the movement so that the watch will not lose any time. In the past, tourbillons were used for greater accuracy than just a regular movement, but in modern times with the invention of the electrical and quartz watches far surpassing the mechanical in terms of accuracy, tourbillon complications are used by companies. They are more of a status symbol and show off a company’s prowess and ability. There are double axial tourbillons such as the one in the Patek, but there are also tri-axial tourbillons which allow for the movement of a watch to have a spherical range of motion, rather than just a circular one. They also mark up the price point of a watch quite a bit. Harry Winston’s new quadruple tri-axial tourbillon watch is a great example.

Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 6.56.05 PM.png

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