Fun Things To Do This Summer

by Amrita Jhooty, Sophia Elfrink, and Alexandra Scates

With only one week left before school ends, Alexandra, Sophie, and I made a list of fun activities to try this summer. So, if you find yourself at a loss for something to do, try a few of our suggestions.

Berry picking

There are lots of beautiful places in Oregon to go pick berries. This can be a great summer activity to get out in the sun, as well as a great way to enjoy some healthy fresh fruit.

Binge Watch Netflix

If the sun is too much for you, and you feel like spending a day inside, curl up on the couch and browse through Netflix to find a series to binge.

Farmer’s Market

This can be a fun thing to do with your friends and/or family!

Go to your local park


A good way to make some extra cash (if you like children that’s an added bonus).

Go to your grandma’s

Spend some quality time with your family members!

Go to the food trucks

Food trucks are great, and a fun way to support local businesses.

Kill as many mosquitoes as possible

Start your science research project

Get a jump start on your work for next year. You will thank yourself.

Japanese Gardens/ Rose Gardens


There are so many beautiful hikes to go on in the PNW. Take your dog, friends, family, or all three!


When it’s way too hot to be outside, call a few friends over and go swimming.


Drive in Movie


Try and catch up on the sleep you missed, you know, from the last nine months.


Go with a few friends to Bend, Ashland, or maybe even northern California.

Whatever you end up doing, we hope you have a great summer!