Your New Summer Plans

by Wylly Willmott

Unfortunately, today was another one of those days where I forgot to go to activity.

When I finally arrived, most of the writers were already hard at work, with many of them writing about their summer plans. If you’ve ever heard about the importance of starting off on the right foot, you should know that today was definitely a left foot kind of day. I was not able to bounce back from my tardiness and proceeded to stare at a blank document for the rest of the period.

Luckily for me, but not so much for the editors, inspiration struck around 10pm. I was debating which method of finals studying procrastination to utilize when I decided to do the one thing that would stir up my house: wake up my little brother and talk to him about reading. An engaging conversation and an article all in one!


I’m not trying to feed into the hysteria and hype that surrounds summer reading, but that’s also exactly what I’m trying to do. Here are a few books recommendations from my 11 year old brother, George, who asks you to please excuse his pajamas.

George would first like to recommend the third edition of Presidents: A Biographical Dictionary, by Neil A. Hamilton. Of the book, he states, “it may not be a good cover to cover read, but it’s a good read.”

I also asked him to suggest a favorite book of his, and he replied that, “[he]’d say, The Count of Monte Cristo, by [Alexander] Dumas, because it’s kind of old, but it’s still compelling and easy to understand.”

When asked to put a number on his summer reading aspirations, George said he hopes to read “twelve hundred pages… at least.”

If you manage to top that, George says he’d be happy to recite all the presidents for you, but “under no circumstances will [he] say them backwards.”

Best of luck to all of you.