What is the Dig Staff Doing This Summer?

by Dig Staff

We don’t know about you, but here are a few things we plan to do this summer!

Charlie N: I am looking forward to relaxing in the sun and hanging with the boys!

Trevor J: This summer I’m really looking forward to starting my first job. I’ll be working at 3Degrees, a sustainable energy company, and am really excited to do something that will help repair our planet’s health. Hopefully, we also get some good tunes to accompany the beautiful weather!

Matthew L: I am very excited for this summer. This summer will be the most legendary summer. I am going to kick it with my boys, and maybe my homies too. We are going to run this city.

Asa B: In addition to running the city with and without my boys, I’ll be saving lives.

Annie W: I’m hosting a blood drive to fundraise for OES JSA! If you’re interested in joining the club (or just supporting), donating blood will help us reduce conference registration fees. It’s a great way to get out of the house, help those in need, and support OES JSA. If you’re 16 or older, interested, have blood, and will be in/near Portland on July 20th, let me know!

Ellie R: I’m looking forward to summer ‘19 because of all the creative energy pouring out of the many art realms. I’m very excited to discover more music and hopefully work on creating some music throughout the next three months. I think my summer tips would be to get new hobbies, stay out late, listen to new music, and wear sunscreen. We’ll miss you class of 2019, don’t prank too hard!

Julia N: This summer, I am looking forward to getting my wisdom teeth out. It’s going to be the highlight, no doubt about it. I’m especially looking forward to that post-surgery glow. A close second is going antique shopping with my grandparents, cousins, second cousins, parents, and other strangers or miscellaneous family friends for hours in the heat of St. Louis. It’s a family tradition and I couldn’t be more excited to spend the nice weather in a claustrophobic space that smells like mildew. Other than that, I think we might have a trip to Florence planned and some camping trips or something like that. But not too exciting compared to the wild events mentioned above. Hope everyone has an exciting summer! Be safe!

Viraj S: This summer, I’m looking forward to seeing my old friends in California. Can’t wait to soak up that Cali sun! I’m also excited to visit colleges. Like Julia, I will also be getting my wisdom teeth out, so that is going to be a blast! Have a great summer, folks!

Emily A: As the end of school rapidly approaches I am formulating my plans for the summer. I am looking forward to my first real job; I say real in a loose sense for it is technically a part time job as a summer camp coach for Skyhawks Athletics. I am excited to meet the other coaches and to spend the majority of the summer with kids playing and coaching sports! I am additionally excited for the time I wish to be spending outside. My personal goal for this summer is to be more adventurous and spontaneous with my friends and to experience new situations. This summer also looks like I will be starting to get into the “summer ball” with small tournaments and open gyms. Hopefully I will be able to go on small road trips with friends and spend more time at the beach.

Noah W: This summer I was looking forward to pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and creating unforgettable memories, but unfortunately I realized I will mostly be writing my college applications. Truly will be a summer for the books. Can’t wait to see you all next Fall.

Thomas H: Work. Leisure. Wake. Sleep. Inhaling. Exhaling. Music. Silence. Hopefully lots of outdoor-related activities.

Sophia E: This summer, I am looking forward to exploring new places. My family and I will be navigating our way through the bustling streets of Barcelona and Amsterdam. I am excited to eat paella, learn some history, visit art museums, and experience big city life.

Luke M: Last Saturday the opening whistle was blown for the Premier Lacrosse League, and what followed was a weekend of intense competition and excitement. From big hits to overtime game-winners it was a very entertaining weekend of lacrosse. For those of you who find themselves with nothing to do during a summer weekend, I would highly recommend watching the PLL. To watch you need an NBC Gold subscription and every game will be available to you. If you do not have the subscription and don’t want to buy it there will still be plenty of games being broadcasted on national television on NBC, so if you see it’s on, check it out. I personally will be very happy to be watching more than just baseball on my summer weekends.