Expectations for Next Week’s Homecoming Triple-Header

by Wylly Willmott

Across America, homecoming football games are considered a quintessential element of the high school experience. We don’t have that. We have soccer. And volleyball.

Next Friday is homecoming. For the boys and girls soccer teams, this means a 2018 State Final rematch. In last fall’s championship, the girls scraped out a 1-0 victory, while Catlin beat our boys team in the same fashion. Since then, the gsoc team has graduated seven seniors and adopted a we-don’t-rebuild-we-reload mindset, which was backed by a big win against 5A powerhouse Scappoose last night. Meanwhile, the boys lost only three members of their squad, retaining a strong core hungry to redeem their championship loss. 

When two teams know each other as well as the Varks know the Eagles, the key to success is bringing something new to the table. Olivia C, a leader on the girls team, stated that “Catlin hasn’t seen Izzy in goal yet, or two of our freshman, Maggie and Bella, on the wing.” 

While you won’t see our third freshman, Serena S, on the field this season, the much improved kicking ability of many of our players can be attributed to her coaching. Girls soccer also benefits from a new dynamic trio in the middle, consisting of captain Sophie C, and sophomores Nadia S and Faucey F. 

Catlin hasn’t seen everything the boys team has to offer either. Henry Giannini noted that this will be Catlin’s first homecoming encounter with Henry Giannini in recent years. His long anticipated second return from injury was last week. When a team’s roster is as consistent as theirs, the development of young talent is key, and Henry added that the Eagles have yet to see the evolution of last year’s freshman. 

Captain Jonah Song also wants to remind everyone that “Catlin hasn’t met bandana Ken.” The boys have already avenged their other 2018 loss, Seaside, with this secret weapon, so they have reason to believe it will work again. The student-athlete also predicted that if crowd turnout=n: 0≤n≤10,000.

Speaking of the crowd, Junior forward Marlie G boldly predicts that “lots of screaming children” will be in attendance. James L is also “expecting noise.” Additionally, experienced fan Ryan M. ‘20 guarantees a love-hate relationship with the referees. 

Another recent development in the world of sport spectating is the newly revived spirit squad. While Rachel H was unable to disclose any details, she told me that “You should expect big things” from the group next Friday.

Speaking of expecting big things, Evan H promised to kick the ball “5, 10 yards.”

When I asked team members if we can expect a win, Olivia M said, “we are a passionate squad, so anything can happen,” a statement eoched by captain Harper H. From the boy’s team, Patrick R believes it’s going to be a good challenge for both teams. “Catlin has a lot of good players and so do we, and I think it’s going to be a good game.” As for Jonah S, his message is “you’ll just have to come and see.”

If you need a break from the nail-biters that the soccer games are bound to be, make sure to head inside to watch our very own volleyball team take on De La Salle. The girls are currently on a hot streak, and I speak from personal experience that the games are super fun to watch. After making us proud on Monday by finishing Catlin off in 4 sets, they look to do the same against the Knights next week.

Freshman phenom Cayton S is confident that her team will get the dub. 

Primary source and Captain Ava C also said that “Volleyball is 90% mental,” so “especially if it’s raining, you should come inside to find shelter and experience the positive vibes of volleyball.”

So that’s what you should expect next Friday. Attendance is required and OES swag is recommended. 

Here’s the game schedule:

  • 4:15 p.m. Varsity Girls Soccer vs. Catlin Gabel
  • 5:15 p.m. JV Girls Volleyball vs. De La Salle North Catholic
  • 6:15 p.m. Varsity Boys Soccer vs. Catlin Gabel
  • 6:15 p.m. Varsity Girls Volleyball vs. De La Salle North Catholic

As Ava C ‘20 once said earlier today, “I hope a lot of fans pull up.”

Photo credit John Holloran.