The OES Community’s NBA Predictions

by Ronit Mehta

With Clippers vs. Rockets marking the start of NBA preseason next week, it’s now the time to start making predictions about what will happen over these next couple of months. Here’s what members of the OES community, including myself, had to say.

Who will win the NBA Championship?

“The Seattle Sonics will be winning the 2019-2020 NBA championship.” – Evan Hasson, Class of ‘21

“The Lakers and Sixers will face off in the finals, and Ben Simmons will hit a three with one second left to win the ‘chip.” – Kennedy Balandi, Class of ‘20

“I think it will be the Portland Trail Blazers, and LeBron James will hit a half-court three to win.” – Tyler Edwards, Class of ‘22

My Answer: The Phoenix Suns and any other prediction is completely wrong. 

(Vivek Mittal-Henkle [Class of ‘22] unfortunately declined to comment on this question)

Who will win Most Valuable Player?

“Mason Plumlee. The Man.” – Benjamin Reynolds, Class of ‘22

“You ever heard of… Jayson Tatum?” – Nic Nautiyal, Class of ‘21 and Golf captain

“LeBron James! He has everything to prove. He didn’t make the playoffs for the first time in like nine years.” – Kennedy Balandi

My Answer: Meyers Leonard, ex-Blazer and future first-ballot Hall of Famer. You ever see a player so intimidating get so few rebounds? Only the greats can do it. 

Who is your favorite NBA Player? 

(not a prediction but still)

“Tyler Green.” – Jose Blancarte, Class of ‘22

“Mason Plumlee. The Man.” – Benjamin Reynolds, again.

“Bugs Bunny.” – Mack Dolich, Class of ‘22 and Person of the Week

My Answer: Air Bud. His 100% shooting percentage is unmatched in today’s game. 

How far are the Blazers going this year?

“Conference Finals.” – James Lawliss, Class of ‘21

“NBA finals. Five games. NBA champions.” – Luke Morrisette, Class of ‘21

My Answer: I’m gonna have to go with James here. WCF bound with an eventual game 7 loss to the Phoenix Suns. 

The OES community seems to have a wide range of predictions for this upcoming season. Now, all we can do is wait and see what happens.  


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