Peter Kimball: World Traveler, Wine Maker, Science Enthusiast!

Viraj Shankar

One of our newest science teachers has traveled the world, played ultimate frisbee, and even made wine in his free time.

Peter Kimball, one of two new science teachers joining OES this year, has quite an amazing background, one that includes moving to many corners of the globe. While he was born in Massachusetts, he didn’t live there for very long, as his family soon moved to California for a short period of time. Soon after that, around the age of 2, his parents got a job opportunity in Russia, where he lived for about six years. During his time in Russia, he went to a Russian public elementary school, before returning to the US and settling in New Hampshire.

After completing high school, Peter stayed in New Hampshire to study chemistry in college, and later on pursued a masters in Education. Continuing his world exploration, Peter traveled to Myanmar, where he had the opportunity to teach in both Yangon, the capital city, and rural areas in the country. Reflecting on his time in Myanmar, Peter explained, “We spent lots of time traveling to the more rural areas of Myanmar, we spent some time in Chin state, specifically this town called Matsupi, which, up until recently was closed to foreigners, so that was a really cool experience.”

Once he returned from Myanmar, Peter began to teach AP and honors chemistry at a school in York, Maine. While his background is chemistry, Peter told me, “I like to think that my real subject is education, while chemistry is my love.” Here at OES, Peter now teaches both chemistry and physics classes, allowing to have a more interdisciplinary focus in teaching.

When he’s not in the classroom, you can often find Peter playing ultimate frisbee, or making wine at the vineyard which he lives on, in Gaston, OR. Peter has been making wine for more than 3 years now, and has said that he is still looking to find a team to play ultimate frisbee with here in Portland. After a move with his wife to the Pacific Northwest, Peter is looking forward to kicking off the Science Research season this year. And though he will miss the New England fall, he is happy to be away from the deep snow that entrenches the Northeast!

If you see Peter in the halls, be sure to say hi, and (maybe) throw him a frisbee!