The Skittles Debate Has Been Officially Resolved Forever!

Wylly Willmott

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve settled OES’ most recent debate: Skittles are, in fact, different flavors.

This was no easy task due to lies spread by a member of the junior class. Citing “science” and “respectable news outlets”, she attempted to corrupt the minds of our community by telling them that Skittles are all the same flavor. Outrageous! I was pleased to see almost everyone reject her claim, but being partial to taking things too far, I had to go one step further. 

Phase I: Acquiring the Materials

No one really knows this about me, but I am in fact a licensed driver. It’s not something I really like to flex though. The unfortunate reality of my situation, however, is that I don’t have access to a car on weekdays. To overcome the issue of attaining Skittles, I had to be resourceful and maintain composure, which resulted in me desperately begging countless friends, sibling(s), and whoever walked by during lunch. While some might say behavior like that should not be rewarded, a large quantity of Skittles was brought to me the next day!

Phase II: The Set Up

As with any great experiment, the set up is key. It needs to scream professionalism and maturity, and I think I captured those qualities perfectly in my own set up:


Phase III: The Experiment 

The test’s procedure was simple. Anyone fortunate enough to wander into the Great Hall during F block was verbally bombarded until they agreed to participate. They would then eat a Skittle without knowing the color, and then tell me which flavor they ate. 


There are 5 different colored Skittles. If they truly are all the same flavor, people would guess correctly roughly 20% of the time. However after analyzing the data, OESians were right 86% of the time, which obviously points towards Skittles being different flavors. 

Take that Maya. 

Unfortunately, she refused to give up, insisting that it was the smell that was different, and not the flavor. In an attempt to leave Maya with no excuses, I had the next wave of participants plug their nose as well as close their eyes. The results of these tests were discouraging. Students were right only 29% of the time. 

I was extremely disappointed by the new development until I was assured by numerous classmates that blocking off your sense of smell impedes your taste. Phew!

Skittles are different flavors!