Music to Evade PSAT Prep To

By Annie Watson

Enjoy 11 songs inspired by pure and unadulterated PSAT-dread.

Stand up to the unjust, 5 hour event with Lesley Gore’s “You Don’t Own Me”.

Reflect on the melancholy routine of the test-centered American education system with Paul McCartney’s “Another Day”.

Proclaim your despair with Electric Light Orchestra’s “Believe Me Now”.

Hear the musical rendition of your exact thoughts regarding PSAT prep with The Neighbourhood’s “R.I.P. 2 My Youth”.

Attempt a math problem and expect the inevitable “Confusion”, but don’t be afraid to ask/pay someone for Help!”.

Ask yourself, “Do I Wanna Know?” whilst checking your answers.

Or do corrections to “God Knows I’ve Tried” by Kelsy Karter.

. . . and remember: even if things are going “Malamente”, you can always adopt a “New Perspective” and take a break to “Think of the Good Times”, before the PSAT had dominion over your life.

Happy listening!