Debate Team Dominates at Recent Tournaments

By Isabel Price

As you might have heard, the debate team has been having a stellar season so far. 

Head coach and leader of the OES debate program Mark Little explained that the team has so far done, “fantastically! We’ve had an amazing start to the season.” And indeed they have. This year, there is a total of 18-20 students participating in the debate activity and competing in tournaments outside of school. Here are some specifics on how they have been doing:

Novice debaters, in particular, have excelled this year. For those who don’t know, novice debaters, or non-varsity debaters, compete only with other novices and not on a more intense varsity level. And this year is one for the books for the novices in tournaments. They have won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, “sweeping the competition!”, as Mark described. Fellow debaters with more experience have also commented on the success of the novices. “It’s pretty great,” varsity debater Skycat W.’20 commented, “I’m really proud of them.” In January this year, the OES novices will “graduate” and move to a higher and more competitive varsity level. So if you see them in the halls, make sure to congratulate them on a job well done, and wish them luck for the rest of their season!

In addition to the success of the novice teams, the varsity debaters have also had an excellent season. In particular, the dynamic duo of Skycat W. ’20 and Alexa T. ’20 are dominating on a local and national scale. They won third at the Notre Dame tournament, and, in addition, went undefeated at the USC Round Robin in California, winning the tournament. According to Alexa, “that was really exciting, especially since we were up against some pretty good teams.”

She reflected further, “The season is looking promising. Like Everett mentioned in gathering, we got a bid.” And to explain this bit of debate lingo, Alexa commented that, “a bid is where you have to get to a certain round at a specific national tournament to get (a bid.)” Since there are 2 bids necessary to qualify for the elite nationwide Tournament of Champions, Alexa and Skycat now need only one more and they will qualify, which is certainly a really big deal. So give them a big congrats if you see them, and to the rest of the varsity and novice debaters: keep up the great work!

Photo Above: Novice debaters pose for a picture after winning big at a recent tournament. Photo credit: Head OES debate coach Mark Little.

Pictured left to right: top row: Pranav T. ’22, Sonia S. ’22, Elsa B. ’23, Everett R. ’23, Clara M. ’23, Hayden H. ’23, Hafsa E. ’23, Catherine Z. ’23. Bottom row: Gabby K. ’23, Fiona I. ’23, Mason H. ’23, and Miguel G-M. ’23.