The F’Real Milkshake: One of a Kind

By Max Fitzloff

Since 8th grade, I have been bonding with my friends over a love for a common drink: The F’real milkshake. Back in 8th grade, John Fitzhenry introduced me to this heavenly concoction. Since then, I have probably purchased upwards of 1 F’real each month. 

The concept behind the F’real milkshake bar is pure genius. It provides accessibility to milkshakes, something that can usually only be found in restaurants, in convenience stores. F’real also offers a large variety of flavors, ranging from the classic staple of chocolate to “Sour Patch Kids Watermelon”. My personal favorite, if you aren’t allergic, would be the Peanut Butter cup flavor. It has the perfect balance of sweet, with chocolate, and salty, with peanut butter, that leaves your tastebuds begging for more. Senior Ryan Monshi, describing the drink, says, “It will change your life in a unique manner.” Senior Matthew Li decided not to give a quote, but rather write a haiku describing his love of F’reals. 


by Matthew Li

A Frozen Treat, I

Walk around with you

Oreo F’real.

Next time you find yourself in a Plaid Pantry I would highly recommend peeping the F’real machine and giving it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

FREAL3.pngFREAL 1.jpg