A Preview of Scary Mary

Viraj Shankar

Scary Mary and The Nightmares Nine is no ordinary play. But it’s certainly one that you’ll want to watch.

On Thursday, I witnessed the great hall transform into the host of several nightmares, each one vivid in detail, and rich in acting. Going into the night, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, as I had never heard of this play prior to the announcement that it would be performed this fall. But I found it to be one of the most distinctive, funny, and genuinely heartwarming plays I have ever seen. 

Scary Mary, written by Amy Escobar, is fairly short, running at about an hour and a half with an intermission. But the time crunch allows actors to get to the heart of the story immediately, as characters whimsically jump from scene to scene. Complete with amazing light performances, powerful audio-visual displays, and intense dialogue exchanges, Scary Mary manages to retain a core plot, while pushing the boundaries on conventional storytelling. The play is split into several subplots, and characters frequently change roles. All of this helps keep the audience on its toes till the very end. Most certainly, my friends and I went from listening intently to bursting with laughter, as this play allows you to experience the dramatic highs and lows that come with facing nightmares.

I won’t spoil too much, because I definitely recommend that you see this play in person. It’s one that keeps you in suspense, offering a wide variety of emotions to satisfy every musing that may enter your mind. There are 2 days left to see the play, so sign up now! The link is posted below.