Our Thoughts on the Ideal Thanksgiving Meal, and are you #TeamPumpkinPie or Not?

By The Dig Staff

Enjoy this hilarious commentary + join the pumpkin pie feud yourself at the bottom of this post!

Noah Wali:  My ideal Thanksgiving involves sitting around a cozy fire with all of my family. Thanksgiving for me requires a complete disregard of any pie, stuffing, gravy, or cranberry sauce. I like my Thanksgiving dry- turkey, mashed potatoes, and vanilla ice cream. Come to my house for a taste of a Wali Thanksgiving. 

Izzy Price: Contrary to popular opinion, without question, my ideal Thanksgiving food is pumpkin pie. The richness of the soft flavor combined with the spices and flakiness of the crust makes it an absolutely mouthwatering dessert. As a family favorite, every year we anxiously await as the smell of the pie fills the kitchen. Family members come from all corners of the house drawn by the wafting smell to stare in awe of the pie as it comes out of the oven, perfectly golden and browned.

The Dig Staff: Pumpkin Pie is disgusting

Luke Morissette: What can I say I’m a big pumpkin pie guy. Might be an outsider on this one but hey, Thanksgiving isn’t about fitting in.

Clara McAuley: Here is the real question: Should we really be celebrating Thanksgiving? Because when you think about it, all of these pies and turkeys, and the stories about pilgrims, and all of the time off of school – it is actually a celebration of white colonists coming to the United States, which was the beginning of hundreds of years of various Native American tribes being massacred and nearly all of their land being taken. So despite my love of Thanksgiving leftover sandwiches (the absolute best Thanksgiving food in the world, with lots of cranberry sauce), I have to say that I am not entirely enthusiastic about the actual idea of Thanksgiving and its roots. But I do like the food. And the sandwiches.

Max Fitzloff: The most mandatory item of Thanksgiving dinner has to be the “King’s Hawaiian” dinner roll. 

Sophia Elfrink: Thanksgiving dinner must include rolls, cranberry sauce, and green bean casserole. Furthermore, Pillsbury Turkey sugar cookies are a mandatory dessert item. 

Viraj Shankar: I think that my Ideal Thanksgiving Dinner would include turkey with LOTS of cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and tons of fruit pies. Also Chinese Food. Cause who doesn’t love a box of noodles for Thanksgiving! (Vy: Thank you for the Asian food inclusion I really appreciate it)

Wylly Willmott: Sweet potato casserole, but only the marshmallow part.

Ellie Riser: Nice, Wylly!

Ronit Mehta: If I had to include a pie with my Thanksgiving spread, I’d have to go with the Cookies and Cream pie from Shari’s. Unbeatable. 

Ellie Riser: My current Thanksgiving roll eating record is at 24. Needless to say, if there are no rolls I will be rolling away from the table.

Kara: I’m an hors d’oeuvres girl, myself. The turkey is usually dry and I don’t like stuffing cooked inside the bird. But I love appetizers and I’m a big fan of mashed potatoes…

Wylly Willmott: I very much agree with Ellie. While some call next Thursday “Thanksgiving,” others call it “Black Friday Eve,” and carb-o-loading is a necessity for the grueling day to follow. 

Vy: Turkey is dry and disgusting. Who thought mixing soggy bread and gravy and cranberry is a good idea? What were they on? Mayonnaise and vegetables = no. The rolls are edible. Mashed potatoes are edible too. The pie is very hit-or-miss. Pumpkin pies are vegetables slapped on wack pie crust. In conclusion, I hate Thanksgiving dinner.

Anna Blake P: 

Disgust is like a pumpkin pie.

The stiff, crusty exterior may be all one sees,

trying too hard to not crumble

and yet tumbling anyways.

Within, queasy, sickly, ochre slop

forgotten sugar, mashed pumpkin guts;

that is the turmoil of the stomach.

The Dig Staff: We would just like to reiterate, pumpkin pie is DISGUSTING. Just our opinion though (but it’s right).

Edit → Annie Watson: I accidentally missed all of activity in finishing a comp sci test, and I have to say, I was pretty blindsided by all the pumpkin pie hate. I see pumpkin pie as the *cornerstone* of Thanksgiving, provided it’s served in a 10:1 whipped cream to pie ratio. Sans whipped cream, it’s just not worth the calories/time.

What do you think?