Marginalized Members of the Zodiac Community feat. John Fitzhenry

Wylly Willmott

“You’re cancer,” they tell me. 

“You’re a crab.” 

“You’re not a Leo, you’re just narcissistic.

These are just some of the many insults thrown at me by jealous classmates who don’t understand what being a cusp sign really means.

I wanted to give a voice to the people who feel underrepresented, and help them embrace and understand their complicated identity. 

But first, some information for the culturally challenged. According to professional astrologer Bee Wolf-Ray, “the term cusp refers to the imaginary line that divides consecutive zodiac signs.” She goes on to say that “if you were born on the day the Sun moves from one zodiac sign to another, you won’t know exactly which is your true sun sign.”

There. Now you have a small peek into the confusing existence of a cusp sign. Not only do we struggle to understand our true identity, but we also have to deal with constant ridicule and belittlement by ignorant junior astrologers like Ellie Riser. 

The following chronicles the stories of OES cusp sign holders.

After running around the upper school asking everyone when their birthday is, I finally found a fellow cusp sign and dig writer, Ronit M. I asked him what his experience being between a Gemini and Cancer is like, and he replied, “I feel unique cuz you know on those snapchat horoscope things I never know which one to count so I just pick the best one.”

I also found Maya M and asked her the same question. Maya insightfully responded with, “I literally don’t care. I don’t believe in zodiac signs so it doesn’t affect my life.”

Evidently, every cusp sign has their own unique experience. Some are more correct than others.

My birthday interrogation journey took me all the way to the DC, where I at last found Grace Magee, a Capricorn-Aquarius cusp. When I asked Grace if being between signs affects her life she replied, “no, but sometimes. I do get made fun of all the time. Ellie Riser is like ‘oh you’re a Capricorn.’” At this Dominic D chimed in with “Ellie always does that.” Grace responded with what we were all thinking: “she’s a Gemini so of course she does.”

Back in the Great Hall, a new crop of people had arrived to hang out between classes. Emily A met the requirements and agreed to tell me about her experience. “I identify as a Virgo (her “correct” sign), but I like to say I have Libra qualities because Virgo qualities suck.” An excellent point by Emily. Being a cusp sign is a great way to choose to see yourself in the best possible light.  

“Cusps are false,” said Julia P, eavesdropper. “I said what I said.”

Wow. These are the kind of terrible people this article aims to stop.

Bella K was also brave enough to share her zodiac journey. “I identify as both,” she confided in me. “No one doubts me because they search it up and I’m right.” 

Other members of the cusp community chose to live simpler lives. 

“I like Libra more. I was born on it,” explained Matt H.

There’s also another demographic: cusp signs in complete denial. I was shocked to find out my long term best friend, John F, is one of many living in the dark. Here is our conversation:

Wylly: “Do you realize that you’re between the two signs?”

John:  “No I’m not. I’m an Aries.”

From that point, I decided to do a little experiment. I proceeded to present John with two traits, one Pisces and one Aries, and see which sign he selected more often.

Wylly: Are you more of a natural-born leader that knows how to take charge, or a great friend and romantic partner?

John “I would say both.”

Wylly: “Is your weakness being moody and short tempered, or your desire to escape reality/become victimized?”

John: “I’m more of a victim. You gotta stop antagonizing me, Wylly.”

Wylly: “Red or purple?”

John: “Purple.”

Wylly: “Do you prefer a physical challenge, or a romantic date?”

Izzy, who recently beat John in ping pong: “John doesn’t like losing so he would pick a romantic date over a physical challenge.”

Besides the very first question, John picked the Pisces answer every time. 

Wylly: “How does it feel that you just answered all your questions like a Pisces?”

John:  *in denial* “I didn’t answer them all so I’m unconvinced.”

Wylly: “Tuesday or Thursday?”

John: “Thursday.”

Wylly: “You realize you just picked the Pisces answer again John.”

John: *outraged* “Who in their right mind would pick Tuesday? Do you want the day after Monday or the day before Friday? No one does anything on Tuesdays… I’m being falsely labeled. Love, John Fitzhenry.”

John: “I didn’t say love.”

Wylly: “Not even to me?”

John: “No I wouldn’t.”

Wylly: …

After this conclusive and meticulous wreck of an article, I will leave you with this quote by John Fitzhenry:

“I don’t want you to slander me in The Dig Wylly, I don’t know what you’re capable of.”

Words to live by. Thanks for reading.