Senioritis Struggles: A Diary

Viraj Shankar

A chronicle of my senioritis, AKA the most lazy, unproductive week of my life. 

December 9th, 2019: It had only been 2 days since I was accepted to Middlebury, my early decision school. Everything seemed to be going as planned this week. I felt no early symptoms on Saturday and Sunday (what you might call the preamble). But, alas, I was wrong. Monday hit me like a wrecking ball…. In the approximately SIX hours of free time that I had between going home and hitting the hay, instead of doing Supersite for AP Spanish, poetry readings for English, a Genetics lab report, note taking for Marine Eco, and Math problems for AP Calc, I watched Netflix. For SIX hours straight. The computer literally fell from my bed as I dozed off to sleep. Yikes.

December 10th, 2019: Okay, Day 2. This was going to be much better. I got all the senioritis out of my system, and could get back to doing work, right? It was just a phase, just a temporary thing. It must have just been the remnants of excitement that carried over from the weekend. NOPE. Nothing. After I (somehow) managed to finish my Marine Eco test, I bolted out the door to go home. I told myself I was going to do homework. BIGGEST LIE EVER. I kept opening my math book, trying to do one problem, deciding it was too much work, then force quitting all my school tabs and going back to watching Youtube. Over, and over, and over again. This is not looking good, folks.

December 11th, 2019: Day 3, y’all. I’m getting pretty worried rn. This is a problem. I can’t even get myself out of bed anymore. I slept through 10, that’s right, TEN, alarms. I had free block second. This was my chance, I thought, I could finally redeem myself. I opened Supersite. The heading read: 18 ASSIGNMENTS DUE. In a dash, I slammed my laptop shut. After what felt like the longest gathering in all of eternity (seriously, WHY? Alexa, please make gathering stop at 10:15. PLEASE.), I headed to The Dig, but couldn’t really think of an article to write. I had several pieces that I’d been working on, but couldn’t get myself to finish anything. This day was followed by another five hours of doing no work. This time, the main culprit was TikTok. 

December 12th, 2019: Day 4, hallucinations have begun to kick in. During a work period in Poetry, I could barely even write a sentence. I can feel my brain cells dying off by the second. WHY, why can’t I get myself to work! Determined to do something, I forced myself to do 45 minutes of math homework (mainly because Lauren (kinda) yelled/roasted us in class). After that, though, I knew the rest of the day was toast. I already had a dentist appointment scheduled, so the rest of the day just went to ignoring the dentist’s orders of not eating food after putting fluoride on my teeth. Supersite remained unopened…

December 13th, 2019: My procrastination has consumed every fiber of my being. I am lost. I don’t know who I am, what I have become, what has happened. I contemplate the very existence of my being, all while frantically writing a Noticiero for Spanish five minutes before class.

Needless to say, senioritis has hit me pretty strong this week. Congrats to everybody who has gotten into college this week, but for those who are still waiting, just be glad you aren’t in senioritis mode yet.