Grade Superlatives

Wylly Wilmott

In the spirit of Midwinter Madness bringing out grade rivalries, here are some answers to the questions you didn’t realize you were dying to know.

Q: Which grade is the most athletic?

Ryan Monshi had the first response, confidently stating, “ours. We have 8 seniors on the basketball team plus AB. AB can run a mile in under 2 minutes. Tell me one unathletic person in our grade you can’t.” Asa B added on “our grade 100% because of Hugh.”

Colleen Davis, a PE teacher and coach with “not enough information on this topic,” declined to comment.

A few sophomores also got their word in, with Patrick R answering “the sophomores because of Patrick Ruoff and Dean Schultz.” Dean S preferred a more rhetorical response: “how many people have played in the US open in the other grades?”

Q: Which grade has the best gamers?

I approached a group of sophomores to answer this question. Cesar C responded easily that it was the sophomores. When I asked the group for their evidence, Alex V said “Jonah,” while Cesar replied “me. Jonah’s only good at brahala.” Ronit M chimed in “I just play my 2k.”

In an attempt to be more partial, Cesar also volunteered the juniors stating, “maybe the juniors because they have Brian and Giannani.”

Q: Most flirtatious?

Alex B responded to the question of which grade is the most flirtatious with “whatever grade I’m in.” While Nnene N reported that “the juniors just give off that vibe.”

Q: Most likely to break the new parking rules?

Mack D said that “it’s definitely the juniors that are gonna break the parking rules. It’s 100% gonna be Jakob W.” Annika V agreed that it would be the juniors because “not that many of [the sophomores] drive.”

Q: Which grade is the most spirited?

The answer to this question had no contention. Juniors Izzy P and Olivia M stated it would be “the seniors. They go all out.”

The seniors also remained loyal to their grade. Ethan B took a logical approach stating “ the freshman don’t show up, neither do sophomores, the juniors play it like they are too cool, so by process of elimination it’s the seniors.” Max F added on a question: “Wylly how many girls basketball games have I been to this year?”

Q: The people in which grade are most likely to leave and never come back?

Ethan D took the question literally by volunteering the seniors, while Nnene gave a more in depth answer: “our grade. We have the least school spirit and motivation.”

Thanks for reading!

(Above) Picture of seniors plus Lauren being “spirity.”