A Valentine’s Day Special feat. Ryan Monshi

Wylly Willmott

My plan for this week’s article was to ask upper schoolers who their Valentines are, and then expose that couple’s compatibility with the aid of https://www.lovecalculator.com/. Things did not go according to plan, but here’s the article anyways so Kara will give me an Activity credit!

There was limited time left in Activity for interviews because I had been part of an OES Stories video that has yet to be released and probably never will be. But naturally I wanted to spend what remaining time I had interviewing Ryan Monshi. 

“Hey Ryan, who’s your Valentine going to be,” I asked the cool guy. Grace B. ‘21 answered for him.

“Me,” she said. So I did what any good journalist would do and I typed their names in the ever reliable “lovecalculator.com.” Technology is so advanced these days that this website can reveal relationship compatibility if you just type in the couple’s names! #FBI #agents #? Unfortunately, the definitive ruling of the love calculator was that it’s not meant to be for Ryan and Grace.


“That’s cap. Give me your computer,” is what an in-denial Ryan said as he took my laptop. Once he found a “more reliable” compatibility website, he got to work on the 13 question quiz with Grace. With 5 minutes left of Activity to go, they established that they were “99.9 percent compatible,” to which Ryan commented disappointedly to Grace, “I guess we were .1 percent off of our estimate.”

Greta F. 20’ was also in the area as the calculations were going on. She decided to give it a go with Monshi, and to the dismay of Grace, the love calculator determined that Greta and Ryan are 91% compatible. To this Greta confided in me, “I feel really good and hopeful about my future with him.”

Noah W. 20’ said “that’s great that’s awesome.”

While Ryan commented that “it’s not something we didn’t know already.”

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone, and especially to Ryan who has some tough decisions to make!