The Mysterious Disappearance of OES Stories

Wylly Willmott

This is not how I wanted to write this article, but here I am. The OES Stories activity is missing, and I had nothing to do with it. 

Last seen:

The morning of Wednesday, March 11, in EC3. The crew was assembling a video montage to say goodbye to the old gym.

Reported missing:

Monday, September 14. Activity form is released; OES Stories is nowhere to be found. An eye-witness report states that “it was replaced with something similar… that was not similar.”

Missing Persons Profile:

131 subscribers, 43 videos, green profile picture. 

Criminal Record:

Murder, 1st degree: videos so funny they kill!

The investigation:

First, a disclaimer. I’m only embarrassed to admit this because I failed, but several times over the years I have attempted to start a rivalry between The Dig and OES Stories; our two sources of student news. Once with the help of esteemed writer/astrologer, Ellie R. ‘22, I even went undercover during an interview in an attempt to write a piece as controversial as Asa B. ‘20’s 2017 article, Ice Cream Drop Cancellation. After failing to ignite a school-wide feud out of nowhere, I amassed an even more formidable team to poll students on which news outlet they preferred. That video never aired for very good reasons, including the unavoidable irony of trying to take down video-journalism via video.

But we’re not here to dig up the past. OES Stories was cut down in its prime (see Basketball Feud), and that’s something that we need to get to the bottom of. 

Why is it so important that OES Stories comes back? To answer that question I attained a real life testimonial from none other than Ryan Holland himself:

“I love OES stories. It literally changed my life. Before I “led” the activity, people would mock me for making life too boring. But then I discovered the power of the story (and the liberating feeling I get when I snapchat with new friends). Thanks to students like Nadia, Addie, Amelia and our original inspiration, Colin Bock, I have discovered how to make my life more interesting. Now, I am more popular than ever because of OES stories. I am making more friends now than I ever had and I no longer have low self-esteem or any anxiety about the impending apocalypse. Thank you OES stories for all you did for me. I miss you. Now, I am going to go to the Tik Tok and dream of all the dance moves inspired by Megan Thee Stallion.”

Fortunately for people like Ryan, OES Stories is not going down without a fight.

I caught up to this year’s activity leaders, Nadia S. ‘22 and Addie H. ‘22, after soccer on Wednesday. When I asked the duo which stories we are currently missing out on due to the cancellation of their activity, they were so prepared they pulled out notes. Highlights include a covid-cooking segment, workspace montages, and even some day-in-the-life action of our fellow ‘Varks. 

The former youtubers “would like to make it clear [they] were not aware OES Stories was being taken off the list, and are quite angry about it.” Many members of the group are now upperclassmen and are “ready to step up and be leaders.”

Not to worry, I was assured that the channel would be making a comeback in the spring.

To pass the time until then, I recommend rewatching fan favorites like teaching Ryan snapchat and the Puffy Jacket Podcast series.

Thanks for reading and case closed.

Image courtesy of OES Stories Youtube.