We Miss You, Great Hall

Wylly Willmott

As much as we appreciate StuCo for all their hard work making Virtual Great Hall happen, I think most of us can agree we prefer the physical version. Why? As 86% of polled students answered, Virtual Great Hall doesn’t have couches…  

On a more serious note, the Great Hall is so much more to all of us at OES than a place where we hear announcements or catch up on relevant information. It is (not to sound cheesy) the heart of the Upper School. And it isn’t just the physical room that made the place so special, but who you could find there: everyone. 

It didn’t matter what time of day, the Great Hall was always the place to hang out and catch up with friends. Thanks in part to the space’s versatility, it has been home to a lot of our fond high school memories. Here are some of our fellow ‘Vark’s favorite Great Hall moments:

“Ryan Holland singing the national anthem for the prompt ‘overplayed songs.’” – Grace A. ‘21

“The costume contest, especially seeing PK as Heath Ledger’s Joker.” – Matthew S. ‘22

“The spoon game.” Liam (the champ) O. ‘22 

“Kahoot.” – Zara S. ‘23

“Spikeball or pingpong games after lunch, free block, gathering, office hours…” – Addie H. ‘22 (same 😞)

“Halloween 2019 🦀🦞🦀.” – Kole P. ‘22 (emphasis on the emojis)

“I feel like it has to be the ping pong tournament.” – Amelia U. ‘22

“Anytime someone got an AndrewGram.” – Mia F. ‘23

While some stage-fright prone ‘Varks may be relieved not to have the threat of receiving an AndrewGram hanging over their heads, I think we can all agree there’s a lot to miss about the Great Hall. Since it’s starting to seem like awhile before we go back to school, I made a short video composed of Great Hall clips sent to me by students and footage I took after seeing American Vandal and thinking anyone could make a documentary…

I hope you all enjoy! Miss you guys.

If you want to be removed from the video for any reason email me and I will take care of it. 🙂

Article photo credit Sue Jensen.