Many Large Grateful Hearts

Vivek Mittal-Henkle

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our hearts” – Winnie the Pooh

In the air, the leaf seems alone, falling, yet on the ground, it is part of a beautiful collage. Let’s open our hearts together.

Here are some of the small things (and maybe some big things) that have been making the Upper School community happy:

  • Señora Boyle, your jokes and gifs make me happy
  • The compliments that I got from you and some of my other teachers for the performance in chapel 🙂
  • Marcelo—thank you for explaining your nick name in Advisory. You are awesome. -Kara
  • It makes me happy to see people making lots of weird videos/music lately — a super surreal cooking show by Tam, Livie, Liam, and Matthew; Nico’s “My Name” song that made me laugh outloud; Nazo and Ike’s mock-umentary about remote learning; Julia and Kai’s elaborately melodramatic soap opera. Thanks for making weird things.
  • Catherine, you cutting uniqueness articles for me on your Friday night makes me so grateful!
  • Wylly put me in her article- Kole
  • Nate!!! it made me happy when you called me to tell me you were making mac n cheese
  • Maya, your willingness to listen to me rant made my day better.
  • My neighbor came over to our house to deliver some kiwis and just ask how we are doing
  • Adam, you made me happy by hosting advisory!
  • Maria, your help has made me happy.
  • My friends giving me compliments
  • Taposhi, your sending Chat greetings to my kitty Nina when she appears at meetings makes me happy!
  • Eli, you made me so happy when you made me laugh with that snap memory.
  • I got to see a couple people from my volleyball team and had a tournament and it was really nice to leave all the stress behind and just have fun.
  • CT—I love your TV and podcast recs. You have good taste. -Kara
  • Listening to music
  • my friends and family
  • Maddy, every conversation we have always makes my day so thank you so much
  • Mia and I’s conversations about Monster High movies always make me laugh – RK
  • Clara McAuley, you made me happy when we laughed and worked on an assignment for history the other day. ~izzy
  • my friends inviting me over and letting me spend time with them
  • I had a long and amazing conversation with a friend that we hadn’t done that in a while and it felt good.
  • Maya, your hugs make me happy.
  • Alexis D—It makes me happy when I get the chance to connect on a Zoom call with you. So far away! You are missed. -Kara
  • Sonia, calling you in between debates makes me happy!
  • Dyan, You made me happy with the Monday workshop!
  • Lauren, your teaching style makes me happy
  • Sarah, being INFP-T with you makes me happy!
  • Justin D—thanks for guiding our Advisory through a few games of Among Us. I am so good now. But maybe not. I appreciate your coaching. -Kara
  • Rick and John, it was nice to share a campfire with you and reconnect. Miss you both! -Kara
  • Kara, your WIA blog post is phenomenal and reading it made me so happy!
  • Mimi, taking a break from work and talking to you made me happy.
  • My wife bought me jalapenos. It sounds silly, but it was thoughtful.
  • Play videogames with em
  • Maya, you made me happy as we talked over zoom.
  • Bettina—I love your positive energy. You always see a way through. -Kara
  • Audrey made me a playlist.
  • cold days with lots of sunshine
  • Dennis, thank you for always making soccer so fun.
  • Dyan, for helping all of us think about the social impacts of the small, personal choices we make
  • Thank you for understanding me Katie, when I couldn’t make it to the evening chapel last week.
  • my dog makes me happy.
  • Matthew it made me happy when you used the word huzzah in our advisory group chat
  • Gemma it made me happy when you showed me your dog on Zoom!
  • Ani, you made me happy with your joke about the yellow hat man in curious George the other day 🙂
  • Leoni, thank you for introducing me to your friend group! It means a lot to me as a new student, to make such amazing friends!
  • Talked to me about their day
  • Olivia M and Grace A! Everything you guys have done to keep soccer going for our team has made me super happy. -Wylly
  • Frances, you made me happy when you said you would miss me next year
  • Nevi and Grace—I miss your crazy gymnastics in Advisory, but those memories still bring a smile to my face. Miss your positive energy! -Kara
  • my cats
  • Jenny, thank you for helping me in the college process, and being available to meet
  • Maddy, calling and texting you always brightens my day!
  • When I went to pour my self a glass of water, it came out of the faucet already cold.
  • I got a really sweet message from a friend I’ve known since Pre-K in a time where I really needed some support. It was small but it made my day nonetheless.
  • Beth told me there would be cookies for lunch today.
  • Everyone who submitted a message, you made me happy when I read over them – Vivek

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Image Credit: Kadri Vosumae from Pexels