Perspectives on the Release of Taylor Swift’s ‘Evermore’

Wylly Willmott

She did it again. Taylor Swift dropped evermore, the companion album to July’s folklore, at midnight eastern on December 12th.

To make up for the mere 15-hour-notice we were granted, I recruited some fellow ‘Vark Swift fans for a commentary on release day and the album itself. 

The first set of questions were answered yesterday before the 9pm PST drop of ‘evermore.’

How did you find out about the album this morning?

Mia F. ‘23: I found out from instagram actually. I don’t have twitter, but I went first to instagram where Taylor had taken up over 90% of my feed early in the morning apparently. I also had about 50 missed calls from my cousin.

Wylly W. ‘22: I have Taylor’s post notifications on, so when I saw she had posted like 15 times I was super excited, but I had just assumed it was her rerecordings, not an entire album (again!).

Vy N. ‘21: my friend texted me:

Emily A. ‘21: instagram!

What was your initial reaction to the news?

Mia: I thought it was going to be a bonus track titled Evermore. It was early so it didn’t really register to me until I read “Sister Album” and I was just like, “No way.” I’ve never seen something like this done before. Two albums in 6 months AND rerecordings AND a music video? This woman never sleeps. 

Wylly: I still haven’t processed that it actually happened…


Emily: omg this is the best news ive heard in a long time

How do you feel about the name ‘evermore’?

Mia: I love it. I have no idea what it means yet but I’m assuming we’ll find out through some more Bon Iver. 

Wylly: Honestly, not a fan right now, but I’m sure it will grow on me. The fact that it rhymes with folklore is not something I love.

Vy: It’s definitely very on brand. If you think about it, a happily ever after ending is kinda the theme of many of her earlier love songs so for this album to be named “evermore”, it’s adorable that now she is completing her childhood dream yk.

Emily: I love it, I feel like it goes so well with folklore!

What are you excited/not excited about in terms of this being a continuation of folklore?

Mia: I love Folklore, to me it reflects her past self a lot, it reminds me of bits and pieces from Fearless and Speak Now… However, part of me was a bit like oh boy another album of dreamy lullabies. But if I’m being honest that’s more of an observation than a complaint.

Wylly: I’m so excited for the lyrics, because on folklore they were ridiculously good. I only wish there were some more hype/ high energy songs, because that’s what I missed having on folklore.

Vy: folklore was a great album – i was a little disappointed after lover so folklore definitely was a great switch. the storytelling was amazing in folklore so i wanna see how she connects different themes and motifs in this sister album. although i wish we have a red or 1989 v2 or something because that 2012-2014 when she was transitioning between genres was my favorite.

Emily: I just really hope it lives up to folklore. Folklore was such a great album I would be really disappointed if this one fell short.

What tracks are you looking forward to right now?

Mia: I’m excited for all THREE songs featuring other artists. This kinda shocked me considering how isolated Taylor was and how deeply personal Folklore seemed. Cowboy Like Me excites me, as does Marjorie, Closure, and Dorothea. Hearing that more songs are based off of people’s names is super exciting because I loved the Betty, James and “August” storyline. 

Wylly: I’m excited for willow, which has a music video, because Taylor made such a good call on the music video song last time, cardigan. I also can’t sleep on track 5, tolerate it, after how good my tears ricochet was. Also cowboy like me, even if its not country like I hope it is it sounds like my kind of song.

Vy: “evermore” ft bon iver. because it’s a bon iver feature.

Emily: Willow and evermore! Willow b/c the music video is coming tonight which means it must be a song she is proud of and everlore because it features bon iver and he was featured in my fav folklore song (exile)! 

Any track you’re skeptical of based on the name?

Mia: ‘Tis the Damn Season. Only because I loved her old cover of Last Christmas and that is the only Christmas song I associate with her. And occasionally Back to December.

Wylly: ‘Tis the damn season…. Like is it a christmas song orrr??

Vy: Definitely “cowboy like me” – im so so sorry if i offended anyone but western culture just really isn’t my thing.

Emily: No!

What are you going to do leading up to 9pm PST?

Mia: Making some popcorn, listening to the entirety of Folklore, and Paper Rings.

Wylly: Writing the first half of this article to stall ☺ Also my NFL prediction one, because I had planned to do it before Ms Swift went and dropped this with no warning.

Vy: Just preparing my emotions for more crying taylor please don’t make me cry more.

Emily: normal day but definitely checking her social media

…and our thoughts post-release:

Favorite song after your first listen?

Mia: happiness 

Wylly: gold rush, long story short

Emily: ‘tis the damn season

How does your first impression of evermore compare to folklore?

Mia: I like them equally so far. Obviously folklore is more familiar to me, but I like all the songs on evermore i’ve listened to. 

Wylly: I don’t want to speak too soon, but I think I like evermore more!! It’s a little more fast-pace, which was my one reservation about folklore.

Emily: My impression to folklore was definitely better compared to evermore, but evermore is really good tho.

How did the song(s) you predicted you’d like live up to your expectations? The ones you were skeptical about?

Mia: I love dorothea, and was wrong about ‘tis the Damn Season. 

Wylly: Same as Mia, ‘tis the damn season ended up being good and not very Christmas-y.

Emily: I really like willow and evermore as I expected.  I love that evermore has the same background piano as exile (both with Bon Iver)

Does ‘evermore’ make your top 3 Taylor albums?

Mia: Not yet, I think it probably will. 

Wylly: I think it might take folklore’s place at 3, but they’re always rotating.

Emily: Don’t know yet.

Were any of the tracks ‘skips’ so far?

Mia: Not one.

Wylly: Absolutely not.

Emily: No!

Favorite lyrics?

Mia: And damn, Dorothea, they all wanna be ya

But are you still the same soul?

Wylly: I don’t like that falling feels like flying till the bone crush

Emily: Too many to write

Would you recommend this album to other people?

Mia: YES

Wylly: Definitely. This will be all I talk about for awhileee.

Emily: Yes ofc

On that note, go stream evermore!! And wish Taylor a happy 31st birthday tomorrow! I think it’s absolutely insane the first time I heard her music she was my age… 

Image: Taylor Swift, Twitter.