The GOAT vs Baby GOAT

Luke Morissette

An overview of the Super Bowl LV, how we got here, and what’s going to happen.

As many of you already know, this Sunday at 3:30 the Chiefs and Buccaneers will be competing to see who will be the first-ever Super Bowl Champion during a global pandemic. On one side the Chiefs have, Patrick Mahomes, the most talented Qb of his generation in his short three-year career as a starting Quarterback (he spent one year as a beck-up). Mahomes has already won an MVP award, a Super Bowl, a Superbowl MVP award, and has a playoff record of 6-1. Now I know what you’re probably saying to yourself right now, “If Mahomes is good, then how did he lose?” The answer is very simple, Tom Brady.

If you have never heard of Tom Brady then I am astounded that you decided to read this article. The former Patriot is the undisputed greatest player of all time and with six Super Bowl rings to his name, Brady is hunting for more. All of the headlines over this past offseason were about a mind-blowing decision by Brady to not resign with the Patriots, the team that drafted him, after 19 years in New England. Instead, Brady elected to go to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where he met up with one of his old Teammates, the legendary Patriots Tightend Rob Gronkowski. After grinding his way through one of the weirdest seasons in NFL history, Brady navigated the Bucs through the NFC to their first Super Bowl appearance since 2002. Not only did Brady bring a team that didn’t even make the playoffs last year to the Super Bowl, but he did it while he was 43 years old making him the oldest quarterback to ever play in the Super Bowl, and guess who the second and third oldest QBs were… Tom Brady.

Now I could keep going on about Brady and what a legend he is, but I feel that I’ve made my point and while Brady might be fighting for his seventh Super Bowl. Mahomes has also got history on the line. After winning last year’s Super Bowl, the Chiefs are now fighting to become the first team to ever win back-to-back super bowls since the Steelers did it in 1978-1979. Needless to say, both teams have a lot on the line.

Heading into Sunday the Chiefs will be 3 point favorite over the Bucs as they are coming off a dominant win over the Bills in the AFC championship and also hold the best record in football at 14-2. My personal take is that the Cheifs high powered offense and solid defense will prove too much for the Bucs and the final score will be 38-30 with the Cheifs taking home their second Superbowl in two years. Charles Willmott a member of the senior class and one of OES’s only actual football players also thinks the Chiefs will win, but it won’t be so close. Willmott said, “Chiefs 34 Bucs 0. Tom Brady cries on his way off the field after kissing his son on the mouth.” Some of you might be wondering why Willmott made such an absurdly specific prediction, well I’ve linked a video that should explain:

As you can see Brady never does anything halfway. This may allude to why he is such a fierce competitor. I spoke with Hayden Hubbard a Sophomore at OES and he has a very different prediction. He believes the Bucs will dominate and “Brady’s definitely gonna throw for like 400 and the Bucs will smash the Chiefs 45-13.” As you can tell opinions on Brady are very polarized some hate him and some love him. Another prediction we have comes from life long Patriots fan, Will Phillips. Will isn’t just concerned with the outcome of the game, he’s also trying to turn a profit. Phillips said, “Toms got this one in the bag. Also, I put a dollar on Mahomes to have one completion and if it happens I get $450.” Some may laugh at this prediction, but Will will be the one laughing if his bet hits. Regardless of the outcome though, this game is going to be a blast. In a year with so much uncertainty surrounding all sports being able to watch these two amazing teams and Quarterbacks compete for the Superbowl should be extremely entertaining.

Image Credit: Los Angeles Times