What I thought about these 7 Trader Joe’s Products

Image from Philadelphia Magazine

Mia Fitzloff

Before I go on, I feel like I should address the elephant in the room… I am so sorry Trader Joe’s. I have completely neglected you this past year. I was overwhelmed by Target

The other day, I ventured outside my freezing house and made the 5-minute drive down to my local Trader Joe’s. The plan was to essentially buy whatever called out to me, and that’s what I did. Most of the groceries bought weren’t actually for this article because I realized their frozen meal section could help with my ongoing battle with the 1-hour lunch break. However, I bought a lot of sweets and snacks, came home and tried them, and here are my thoughts. 

PSA: I had a scribe writing down every thought I vocalized while trying these snacks. That is why there are sound effects.

  1. World’s Puffiest Sour Cream and Onion Puffs – Mmmm these are so good. Very oniony. The onion outweighs the sour cream and puffs flavor to be completely honest. Mmm yum. These are dangerous! Pro tip: shake up the bag a little before eating to ensure an even onion/sour cream distribution.
  2. Meringue – Wow! On the first sniff, these remind me of a Bath & Body Works. Very nostalgic. In the most positive sense, these taste like drywall, or at least, how I think it would taste. When I was little I always let them sit in my mouth and get the center all moist…it was like a marshmallow. 
  3. Gummy Tummies – The bag was hard to open. I WAS NOT expecting the tummy of the gummy to be filled with jelly?! This was a real disappointment to me. I had to go back to the meringue after I ate these to cleanse my palette.
  4. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dunkers – These are a personal favorite of my scribe, Torben K. ‘22. I’m not super impressed. I wanted and expected more. Moving on. 
  5. Assorted Macarons – Employing my French skills, I was able to gather that Trader Joe’s was very excited about the release of this product. The words: “très délicieux !” garnished the nutrition facts. Now, I’ve had a lot of macarons in my life and let me tell you, these are some small ones. Upon opening the package I wasn’t getting much of a scent, which is always something that I look forward to in macarons. However, despite their lacking in the aroma department, they made up for it with a deeply satisfying semi-sweet bite. I recommend letting these out of the freezer at room temperature for 15 minutes before “digging in.”
  6. Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches – These are incredible. I think I teared up a bit after the first bite. I was recommended this purchase by fellow Joe’s lover, Maya M. ‘21. My one complaint was that the vanilla ice cream wasn’t nearly as creamy as I’d like, but I can only blame myself for that. In usual circumstances, I would’ve set out my Creamwich to soften to my liking, however, this was my fourth dessert of the evening and I was growing a bit impatient.  
  7. Frozen Chicken Soup Dumplings – I saved these for my lunch on Thursday. Yummy. Yummy. They’re so easy to make and wow they’re so good. I did spill a ton of broth on myself, but then again I wasn’t using a big enough spoon to catch the soup when you bite into it. 10/10. Will repurchase.
Scribe at Trader Joe’s grabbing not one, but two Everything but the Bagel Seasoning