Transition Back to School

two images of a black and yellow tiny dog sitting in a car with sunlight shining on the dog. in the second pic, a woman in a cream sweater and glasses is smiling in the background Meet Trixie!

Delaney O’Hara

Due to this well-known virus called COVID-19 that has been spreading, it has almost been a year since we have started online school. In the beginning, it was nice having lots of free time, going downstairs to get food after every single class, and not having as much work. As I thought that this COVID thing would only last about three months, it has almost been a year!

Starting 10th grade online was hard for me. Not only because I wasn’t able to see people that I would have those short 5-minute conversations with but also due to the uncertainty of when I am able to get back on campus and things will all return to normal. This had me in a dilemma: I wasn’t very motivated and there was more school work compared to the end of the previous year, but at the same time, I just wanted change.

However, OES has gradually been able to open up its sports program. For me, this was super exciting because I could attend volleyball, see my teammates, and meet some new freshmen as well.

It brought me a lot of joy just being in a community that made me happy and more normal.

As many of us now know, OES has decided to split the upper school into two cohorts, Green and Blue, to allow students to come to school twice a week. Though this transition back might not look like the old school that we had before, it is a great way to collaborate with peers and meet new people, students or teachers. I finally realized how important the social aspect of school was after quarantine, being allowed to come to campus has made me so grateful to be able to have more social time with friends and teachers.

As we transition to more prominent Campus-Based Learning, there is one thing that worries me and that is my dog. Personally, my dog has a very strong connection with my family. In the past year, we have barely left her by herself for more than two hours. She has traveled with us to many places like the Oregon coast (many times) as well as a family road trip during the summer to Colorado. Ultimately, she has grown so used to being around people all the time.

More of Trixie!

Since both of my parents will be teaching and my sister and I will be at school more often, there are going to be days when Trixie will be all alone for 8 hours. This makes me think, what will she do all day? Will she continue to bark at random times or sleep? What will she do when my Dad doesn’t give her half of his sandwich at lunch? Will she jump on the table? Will she stare at the garage door waiting for us to come back all day? There are many questions I ask myself, and it ultimately makes me sad to think that our tiny dog will be home all day by herself as we transition back to school.

Overall, it is very exciting that we will be at school more often after a while on remote. Even though this new environment is not the same as we remember and will definitely be so different, there’s nothing we can do but making it work! In these upcoming weeks before we transition deeper into on-campus learning, make sure to give your pets extra love and treats to make up for the time that will be missed when you’re at school.

I hope that everyone is equally excited to be back at OES as much as I am and taking this opportunity as a time to be extremely thankful!