An Overview of OES 20-21 Soccer Season

Torben Karl

This year’s soccer season. Unpredictable. Unusual. Unfinished. 

There has been a multitude of changes and adaptations for this season. There are, of course, the obvious precautions that we are all used to by now, like face masks, distanced interactions, and the daily “Do form.” reminder in the soccer group chat, but some new ones have really changed what our season is going to look like. 

One of the most contentious of these changes is that fans are no longer allowed to the games. For all of you diehard Aardvark supporters, it is a truly devastating loss. Some are sad. Some are enraged. Some are indifferent either way. 

Polling some OES students, the reactions were relatively consistent. As a representative of the enraged, Kole P. ‘22, remarked, “I don’t see how we can have players on the field, in close proximity to one another, but can’t allow our family and friends to watch. The fact is, spectators have more than enough room to distance and are likely safer than players on the field.” Mia F. ‘23 says “Argh.” 

Though it’s not the same, friends and family will get a chance to cheer from the comfort of your own home, with streaming available on the NFHS website (OES Soccer page here!). 

This season’s irregularity has definitely become fully apparent already. Only one week into the season and one game has been rescheduled and relocated due to COVID complications. What was scheduled to be a sunny Monday game against Westside Christian became a rainy late-night match against Portland Christian on Thursday night. 

The lads suited up to play at home for the first time in nearly a year and a half. The game started at 8 pm under the lights and anticipation was high. Captained by seniors James L. and Henry (now formally known as “Hank”) G., the team took the field against a short-sided Portland Christian team. An early goal from Hank kicked off what would be a half rife with goal-scoring opportunities. Coming in off the bench and with the first touch of his whole high school soccer career, Julian E. ‘24 scored an exciting goal off of a corner kick to cap off the first half at 4-0. 

The squad went on to score four more quick goals after the intermission, bringing us to a victorious scoreline of 8-0. To our surprise, the game ended there, midway through the second half, per a new goal limiting rule. Goalkeeper Alex Colleran, who spent the entirety of the game–barring a single pass–standing alone in the cold, was thankful. 

Make sure to catch the OES varsity squad when they go up against rivals Catlin Gabel on Saturday!