Reflection of the Year

Delaney O’Hara

Throughout the year I’ve continuously heard the phrases, “we couldn’t do this because of the pandemic” or “it would have looked different because of the pandemic ” or “due to the pandemic…”. Yes, as I do agree with those statements, they have bothered me in the past months.

They seem as if they are way too overused. You know that saying that “everything happens for a reason” I fully support this phrase. While the pandemic sucked, and is something that I have never experienced before, I think it happened for a reason. We might not know what that reason is or never will but there is some reason behind it. Connecting back the phrases that I have heard throughout the year on the impacts of the pandemic, I think that the phrases are used as excuses to fulfill their struggle with grappling with why the pandemic even happened and ultimately not do things.. As someone who has reflected on the year and looked back at how the pandemic impacted me it was admittedly sad to see the lack of normality throughout the year. However this pandemic is definitely something that has made our world understand and be prepared for future incidents like this. Not only has it taught us about a broader scientific world but also how the people react and psychologically deal with the concept of non normal situations. It has been interesting as a part of the coping community to see how each individual deals with the given situation of the pandemic, and overall they all don’t deal with it in the same way. While this is just a glimpse into my reflection of the year, I overall think that this was a very good learning experience. Just like on your 13th birthday, that little step up in maturity and understanding of life. In conclusion, there were many new insightful aspects of this year that have come to my attention, as well as many new experiences have arisen causing for a greater perspective on this world.