Summer Songs

Ellie Riser and Nnene Ndubisi

Summer 2021 is already in full swing for teenagers across the nation so your new music mavens Nnene N. and yours truly have cultivated the music you need to start your summer off on the right note. 

Out The Trunk – Larry June

Out The Trunk album cover

This 2019 album by Larry June is a nice modern take on a classic 90s summer album. The piece as a whole reminds me of a laid back version of Will Smith’s 1997 album, Big Willie Style, with classic summertime hits like “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” and “Miami”. Here are my top picks:

Let’s Drive To Vegas 

This is a perfect song for laying out on the beach with your people. The beat nicely blends a bit of 90’s nostalgia with a smooth sample and a more classic 808 trap beat. 

Smoothies in 1991

Here you have a bit more hard hitting base, but still get that laid back vibe with sweet vocals in the sample and chorus. I would recommend this for a nice playlist buffer from a relaxed day to getting ready for a function.

Calypso – Harry Belfonte

Calypso album cover

The classic album released in 1956 by the legendary Harry Belfonte is a summer necessity, there’s no way around it. From the album being a huge influence on African-American and African cultures alike to the iconic scene in the 1988 film “Beetlejuice”, Belfonte continues to deeply influence pop culture with his tropical sound.

Banana Boat (Day-O)

Who would’ve thought that this sweet tune was actually from the perspective of plant laborers in the Caribbean and tropical islands who would have to work night shifts without rest, loading the banana boats. It’s catchy, it’s smooth, it’s classic, it’s simply a must for summer 2021.

Jamaican Farewell

If this doesn’t make you want to lay in an oceanside hammock in Kingston, you’re a liar and your mom doesn’t love you enough.

In My Mind – Pharrell

In My Mind album cover

This whole album sounds like a 2006 R&B house party. N.E.R.D and early Pharrell albums are some of the most underrated music projects around.

Baby Ft. Nelly

This song is an absolute banger, it perfectly encapsulates the early 2000s energy without being too electronic and superficial.

You Can Do It Too

Relaxed, funky, fresh. Certified summer hit.

Thanks for reading now listen to music!