A look at the costumes for Curse of the Castle Spectre

Alexander Matthews

Costumes for the November production of Curse of the Castle Spectre serve an important role in how the play is perceived by the audience.

A highlight of the upcoming fall play is the Costumes, because they are an important part of how the story is perceived. The Curse of the Castle Spectre is a melodrama with ghosts, evil plots, and more. “[The] story is being told inside of another story, that examines why we tell stories,” said Pete Buonincontro, the play’s production manager. When asked to describe the play in a single sentence, Emily Stone, the play’s producer said, “The play is a play within a play—so imagine there’s an amateur theater company that’s putting on a Gothic Melodrama and everything goes sideways.” Since the play is set in 16th century Wales, costumes are derived from the middle ages and completed with influence from the Royal Monarchs. “This play is not supposed to be perfect. It is a play within a play that is full of mistakes,” said Clara M. ’23. Clara M. and Mattias M., both class of 2023, are a part of the stagecraft activity and heads of costume design. “Costumes reflect the hierarchy of characters in the play,” Clara explained whilst showing me the costumes. “The guards, which are highest in the hierarchy, have extremely nice clothing that reflect their status as royalty. Meanwhile, Reginald, who is imprisoned in the castle’s dungeon, wears clothing that is tattered and aged.” Costume selection also includes Angela’s puffy white ball gown and Percy’s green(ish) vest jacket. 

Angela’s puffy white ball gown