OES Cross Country 2021: The Start of A New Dynasty

Hugh Baldwin

After more than a month of challenges, the Cross Country season is sadly coming to its end. However, this year was packed with unforgettable accomplishments from each runner, and it gave a glimpse of the great potential for success the team has for next year.

In order to fully understand how much this year’s team has achieved, we need to look back to September at the race that jump-started this season: the 3A-District 1 Preview. The six varsity boys and girls that raced in the 5K set an average time of 20 minutes and 14.3 seconds, and the 22 boys and girls that raced in the 3K had times between 12 and 22 minutes. Now, the top six 5K times on the team average 18 minutes and 24.6 seconds—an improvement of nearly 2 minutes.

“This [is] no longer a collection of runners—it’s a team of tough racers,” said head coach Tyler Green when asked about this year’s progression. Kole P. ‘22 provided his take on spotlight racers, “We’ve had some great standout performances among the underclassmen—especially Ruby G. ‘24, Andrew T. ‘24, and Christian C. ‘24.” First-time cross country runner Lauren T. ‘25 thanked her “teammates and wonderful and inspiring coaches who welcomed [her] with open arms.”

It’s clear all of the runners, new or experienced, saw amazing growth. But was finding this success easy?

“Hopefully we collect some hardware to bring home to OES,” said top-tier runner Tyler E. ‘22 four days before the girls’ team would place third in the 3A/2A/1A District 1 Championships, and the boys team would place 1st in the 3A District 1 Championships. As you may have seen from the masterfully enhanced title image, hardware was indeed acquired.

All in all, this year’s cross country team provided the school with some of the greatest individual and team performances ever. Although we will be deeply saddened by the departures of our seniors Tyler E. ‘22, Kole P. ‘22, Mimi P. ‘22, Kitty G. ‘22, and Peirce S. ‘22, there’s no doubt this younger group will accomplish great things next year.

To satisfy all the statheads, here is a list of all the runners and their 5K times, and the difference from their first 5K race to their personal record (PR), listed in alphabetical order. Please disregard any miscalculations that I may have made.


Name, first race time, PR, and time improvement (in order):

Hugh B. 23:43.8, 20:39.3, -3:04.5

Christian C. 21:56.2, 19:08.2, -2:48.0

Tyler E. 17:30.8, 16:50.6, -0:40.2

Joe F. 23:46.7, 19:47.6*, -3:59.1

Olin G. 16:55.0, 16:50.2, -0:04.8

Matthew I. 23:23.3, 21:59.1, -1:24.2

Tanner K. 22:03.0, 19:50.0, -2:13.0

Ray L. 32:07.6, 31:22.2, -0:45.4

Alexander M. 23:11.3, 20:55.5, -2:15.8

Kyle N. 23:48.5, 23:48.5, -0:00.0

Kole P. 19:41.3, 18:42.9, -0:58.4

Peirce S. 22:15.6, 21:24.6, -0:51.0

Andrew T. 21:06.6, 19:07.9, -1:58.7

Jenson Y. 24:18.2, 23:16.6, -1:01.6


Gigi C. 27:09.6, 27:09.6, -0:00.0

Ruby G. 22:50.9, 22:12.5, -0:38.4

Stella L. 26:44.6, 26:44.6, -0:00.0

Morgan M. 23:42.6, 21:48.0, -1:54.6

Maho M. 25:59.5, 24:38.4, -1:21.1

Mimi P. 26:08.7, 25:31.2, -0:37.5

Xiaoyan T. 33:17.6, 27:32.8, -5:44.8

Lauren T. 24:39.2, 22:44.8, -1:54.4

Senna V. 24:54.9, 22:40.5, -2:14.4

Irene W. 33:22.9 28:52.1 -4:30.8

*Athletic.net did not record Joe’s time for the last race—3A Dist. 1 Championships. However, Joe claims his time was about 19:15*

*Due to injuries and other reasons, several runners were only able to participate in 1 race or no races.*

Finally, I would like to personally thank all the coaches, teammates, and our competitors for an awesome comeback season—especially after the strangest year we have (and hopefully will have) ever encountered.

The boys’ and girls’ varsity teams head off to Eugene for the State Championship on Friday, November 5th, and will race on Saturday. Christian C. ‘24 believes the team can “come in the top three for state,” and considering what happened after Tyler E. ‘22’s statement, there is a good chance they bring home a state championship. Good luck to our racers!


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Image Credit:

Tyler Edwards