Asking OESians About Their Food Rituals

Ellie Riser

We all know that as a community, we work hard at being vulnerable with each other, and talking about topics that truly matter. So in spirit of that, I’ve found some of the weirdest eating habits of some of our peers.

Subject 1: Ellie R. ‘22 (me), Smoothie Master

*this is an artistic rendition of an interaction I had a couple weeks ago whilst making a smoothie with classmate Nnene N. ‘22

Me: I’m going to make us a smoothie.

Nnene N: Ok.

 *I then put frozen fruit, a banana, and orange juice into my blender. I started blending. The blender starts making obscene noises. There wasn’t enough liquid to puree the fruit.*

N: What are you doing…

Me: The flavor ratio is complete, I can’t add anything else so I have to soften the frozen fruit in order to not throw off the flavor with more juice.

*I then scoop out some of the frozen fruit and put it into a cup in the microwave*



N: You know what, I kinda respect it. Like when people have weird food things like this.

Me: Thanks.

This was the moment that gears started turning. From that day on, I wondered what else was out there. What weird food habits were happening right under my nose? 

Subject 2: Connor M. ‘22, Carousel Eater 

Alex C: When he eats a bagel he bites around it.

Me: Who?

A: Connor.

Connor M: No no. Not “bites around it”. When you bite a bagel, it pushes the stuff out, so you have to switch to the other side.

Me: Ok, so you rotate it.

C: Yeah. 

Ben R: With every bite.

Me: That’s pretty interesting. 

Subject 3: Kate P. ‘24, Anti-Spooner 

Kate P: I don’t use spoons. So, yeah.

Me: So..explain that for me

Cameron G: How do you eat soup?

K: Ok, well I eat soup with a spoon. But other than that, I use forks. I eat ice cream with a fork, I eat yogurt with a fork…I don’t like spoons, they bother me. 

Me: Why?

K: They just…are awful! I hate the way they look and feel. 

Me: You fork your ice cream? 

K: Yeah. If the containter’s almost done, like one serving left, I’ll cut the container so it’s like a little bowl :). 

Me: Ok. 

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